The Untamed Chinese Drama Episode 44 Review

My review is based on the untamed Chinese drama episode 44. Wu Xian is surprised to see Mian Mian, and her husband wonders why he called his daughter’s name. Wu Xian knows that Mian Mian gave her name to her daughter. Mian Mian introduces her husband to Lan Zhen and Wu Xian, and she shares that he was a businessman and he would hunt with her. Little Mian Mian brags that they will go to visit Yiling Ancestor.

Wu Xian threatens Little Mian that Yiling Ancestor would eat kid, and thinks Little Mian is like Mian Mian when she is a child. Mian Mian doesn’t believe that Wu Xian remembered her looks when she was a kid. Wu Xian takes money from Lan Zhan and gives it to Little Mian. But Little Mian only thanks Lan Zhan. Mian Mian shares that she heard there is a puppet, but she found nothing.

Wu Xian and Lan Zhen leave when they hear the sound. The husband asks Mian Mian why she didn’t mention Wu Xian since he saved her life. She says that Wu Xian is a good person. Wu Xian and Lan Zhan are surprised to see Wen Ning, and Wu Xian thinks Wen Ning’s yelling is scared. He takes away the grass and mud from him, and Wen Ning reveals he has followed him.

The Untamed

Wu Xian notes that Wen Ning is hurt, and Lan Zhan recognizes that it’s blood. Wen Ning explains that he kept fighting with the puppet. Wu Xian learns that Wen Ning killed the puppet before Wu Xian, and wonders how Wen Ning went behind them. He mentions he told him to get a place to hide, but Wen Ning says that he doesn’t have the place. Wu Xian asks Wen Ning to join them.

The three arrive at the village, and Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he remembers that they ran into each other there. Lan Zhan remembers it, and Wu Xian thinks Wen Yuan will be 13 year old if he is alive. Wu Xian notes that the wall got turned over, and thinks someone walked into the mountain. Lan Zhan reveals the place was ruined, and Wu Xian says that the place is the hard time for him, Wen Qing and Wen Ning.

Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to leave, but Wen Ning wants to see if there is any stuff leaving. The puppets attack them, and Wen Ning and Lan Zhan defeat the puppets. Lan Zhan gives the sword confession to Wu Xian, and Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan to protect him as he is weak. Wen Ning takes Wu Xian’s sword and walks to the students, and they’re scared and call him ghost general. But Wen Ning cuts off the ropes for them.

The Untamed

Wu Xian thinks Wen Ning is more scary than him, and Si Zhui asks Wu Xian if he hired the men to catch them. Wu Xian says that he is very poor, and asks how many enemies they were. The student shares that they wore the ghost mask and threw them there. Wu Xian tells them to leave, but the student reminds them that there are many puppets outside. Wen Ning takes Wu Xian’s sword to deal with the puppets.

But Lan Zhan and other chiefs take their men arriving. Qi Ren asks Lan Zhan to join them, but Lan Zhan rejects it. The woman blames Lan Zhan for standing to their opposition side. The man blames Wu Xian for catching the students, but Wu Xian thinks he saved them. He wonders why Lian Fang and Ze Wu didn’t come, and Su Zhe thinks Wu Xian knew that Lian Fang got attacked. Wu Xian wonders why Nie family didn’t come, and Huai Sang shows up and claims that he just came to make up the number.

Wei Chun blames Wu Xian for disabling his leg in No Night Sky, and Meng Cheng never forgets that Wu Xian killed his parents. The man thinks Wu Xian killed 3,000 people in No Night Sky, but Wu Xian doesn’t want to be added the sin he didn’t do. He says that he didn’t kill Chifeng Zun and force Ms. Jin to take her life. He says that he didn’t control the puppets, and Su Zhen cannot imagine there is another person, who can do that.

The Untamed

Wu Xian shares that anyone can do it with evil tiger symbol. Su Zhe thinks evil tiger symbol is Wu Xian’s item, and Wu Xian reveals some family concealed Wen Ning when they fear him. He mentions someone said that he ruined Wen Ning. Qi Ren reminds people that the new puppets come, and they fight with the puppets. But they find out that their spirit power are lost.

Si Zhui reminds then that there is a magic site inside the palace, and thinks it can fix them. But Su Zhe thinks it’s a trap. Wu Xian points out that Wu Zhe wants them to die with him. Huai Sang tells people he will go if they don’t go, and they follow him. Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to close the gate so that the puppets won’t come in. Qi Ren points at Wu Xian with his sword, and asks him what he wants to do.

Wu Xian says that he just wants to have a talk, and thinks they want to know why they’re poisoned. Wu Xian points out that Su Zhe played the music to make people lose their spirit power, and mentions there is a book about it in the cell of Lan family. Su Zhe says that he cannot get in the cell, but Wu Xuan thinks Su Zhe’s master can get into the cell.

Flower of Evil Episode 16

With the death of Bai Xixing, the homicide that had been in dust for many years also revealed the truth. I thought that Do Hyun-soo was shot in the head with just a bruise, and once he woke up, he could resume his normal life, but his amnesia became the source of Cha Ji-won’s pain. The beloved couple sat opposite each other. Cha Zhiyuan was used to call Bai Xixing, but this name was very strange to Du Hyun-soo, which made him feel that everything was just a scam made by himself.

Flower of Evil Episode 16

Due to the murder of the chief, Do Hae-soo accepted a public trial. The prosecutors used Do Hyun-soo to deceive Cha Ji-won for more than ten years, confirming that he was a person who had no emotions and was very good at disguising, and that they had no witnesses, which led to the fact that things did not happen. smoothly.

In fact, they have long been able to respond to the prosecutor’s questions, but Hyun Soo doesn’t know why. Every time he meets Cha Ji Won’s eyes, his mind becomes blank, but in that moment, his memory It seemed to be back, but the current Do Hyun-soo couldn’t catch it.

Cui Zaiban has also been working hard for Du Haixiu’s case. He wondered why the population in the village was like a gang. Such a thought suddenly reminded Cui Zaibian of a testimony, perhaps his nephew Liang Zhentai could turn the situation around.

According to Liang Zhentai’s confession, the chief clerk used the illegally obtained money to be washed away by the way of Domin Seok’s inheritance and used Do Hyunsu as a scapegoat. Cha Ji-won can’t wait to rush to Liang Jintai’s residence with Do Hyun-soo, unknowingly, as if going back in time, calling Do Hyun-soo dear.

At the door of Liang Jintai’s house, the other party repented just like Do Hyun-soo guessed, but Cha Ji-won did not want to give up. They waited outside, the sky was lightly raining, and Du Hyun-soo looked at Cha Ji-won in front of him, unconsciously smiling happily, but instantly felt that it was dangerous.

They finally waited for Liang Zhentai and finally knew the truth. All the past sufferings were because Liang Zhentai was spreading rumors, just to get the tuition promised by the head of the city. Du Hyun-soo can see that Liang Jintai is really condemning himself. He deliberately pretends to forgive. Because of persecution and threats, it is far better to let the other party’s conscience be condemned, and the effect is better.

Cha Ji-won mistakenly believed that Do Hyun-soo’s forgiveness was a genuine kindness and letting go. When Do Hyun-soo would analyze himself in front of Cha Ji-won, the lost and helpless look in his eyes deeply hurt him. .

Although Do Hyun-soo has amnesia, his life of more than ten years is still carved deep in his body, and his feelings for Cha Ji-won have not disappeared. But for Do Hyun-soo, Cha Ji-won is just looking for another person’s shadow in him, and this person makes Do Hyun-soo disgusted. Do Hyun-soo doesn’t know how long this relationship can last, and is even more afraid that when Cha Ji-won sees the essence, he will accept the dark heart.

Do Hyun-soo has not been able to be free and truly live as himself. Until now, Cha Ji-won wants to let go, let her beloved go after herself, and let herself go. Do Hyun Soowei had already returned the ring to Cha Zhiwon. He told himself that it was just because a ring with the right weight could be made with better craftsmanship without slipping, but the fingers were hurt everywhere, which proved that the ring is irreplaceable.

Do Hyun-soo visited Bai Manyou, who was already delirious, and there was no way to get the answer he wanted. Do Hyun-soo can only find Kong Mi-ci again, because only they know more about Do Hyun-soo in fifteen years. Kong Mi-chi believes so firmly that Do Hyun-soo truly loves Cha Ji-won, which makes Do Hyun-soo feel deeply shocked.

Hae-soo, who was convicted of not guilty, decided to leave Korea and start again. Maybe she and Jin Moo-jin still need some time, but if the two are willing, even if they are far apart, they will not be able to completely separate the two destined. Between each other, a phone call, as I miss, I always want to approach.

Do Hyun-soo restarts his journey. When he gets lost, he returns to the original point, and he may reap the rewards. He unknowingly walked through the place where Cha Ji-won was dating for the first time. He was curious.

Do Hyun-soo is looking for a new house to live in, every request of his is exactly the same as his previous home, as if he wanted to go home. It happened that Cha Zhiwon was also planning to leave South Korea and needed to rent out the house. The two met again. Maybe the memory will be forgotten, but love will never disappear. Do Hyun-soo starts to wonder who Cha Ji-won is looking for.

The new sun rises, Cha Ji-won is smiling, and Du Hyun-soo will laugh. This time, he is loving his wife with his own identity, and she also loves the real Du Hyun-soo. When Do Hyun-soo heard that Bai Enxia called his father, the feeling of holding his daughter was aroused again, and he would live happily in the future.

Flower of Evil Episode 15

When Jin Maozhen was looking forward to Du Hyun-soo’s house, looking for Du Hae-soo, everything in front of him beat him to pieces. Du Haixiu was admitted to the hospital for life and death uncertain. Cha Zhiyuan saw the unharmed Bai Enxia and knew that she was to protect her child and did not choose to resist.

Flower of Evil Episode 15

According to the surveillance at the door of Bai’s house, the police found that Park Shunying took a taxi home by herself at night and ordered takeaway at home. After a close investigation, it was discovered that the staff in charge of delivering the meal knocked on the door and got a response from the woman in the room. Choi Jaebian clearly remembers that Park Shunying is deaf and mute, which also means that someone deliberately pretended to be Park Shunying.

In addition, it was clearly photographed in the dash cam that a mysterious man deliberately called to seduce Do Hyun-soo, and the call record and location were not bad. Cha Zhiyuan quickly thought that the murderer had made such an omission at every step, coupled with the fact that someone helped the murderer, pretending that Park Soonyoung came out of the Bai’s house, he must have been in a coma for fifteen years and did not know that he had a driving recorder.

After Cha Zhiyuan inferred the truth, he immediately called to inform Jin Maozhen, who was asking for a list of volunteers in Bai’s house, to leave as soon as possible. But when Jin Maozhen learned everything, he looked for the trail of Bai Xixing in the whole house despite the danger, until he saw the empty hospital bed, he was even more convinced that what Cha Zhiyuan said was true.

Bai Manyyou had no choice, and once again picked up the syringe to kill others. He just wanted to give his perverted son one last chance to change himself. Jin Maozhen doesn’t care about the danger. He understands the feelings of Bai Manyou and his wife, just as he inadvertently broke into the secret room of Tomin Seok back then. He deceived himself for more than ten years, but he knew that the person in the sack could never become an elk.

Bai Manyou felt extremely sad. In fact, he didn’t know that Bai Xixing was a perverted person from his bones, and he didn’t understand that the ending was already doomed, but his beloved child was eager but powerless. Jin Maozhen stopped Bai Manyou who wanted to commit suicide and left. This was the first time he was brave for love.

After Jin Maozhen’s pain, his mind is clear, he hopes to be brave once, fulfill his wish for Du Haixiu and find an accomplice. He can’t wait to come to Bai Manyou’s house,

Bai Xixing came to Duminxi’s old house with the cash he had prepared, and he was enjoying the familiar smell, and he missed everything in the basement. Lian Shangzhe has always had the habit of smelling money. Bai Xixing deliberately sprinkled rat poison powder on every wad of cash. When Lian Shangzhe went through the money and listened to it, the nosebleeds immediately heralded his death soon.

Lian Shangzhe felt a strange body, took the money and fled the scene, but fell to the ground the moment he went out, no longer breathing. Bai Xixing, who had obtained the key, had the smile of a winner, and wanted to take the “trophies”, but was unable to open his breath and became mentally disordered.

Du Xianxiu, who had been hiding in the dark, raided from behind and suppressed Bai Xixing to the ground, making the opponent vomit blood. Bai Xixing, who was so painful that he couldn’t bear it, could only use his identity and secrets in exchange for Du Xianxiu’s curiosity, and escaped the fate of being beaten.

Do Hyun-soo tied Baek Hee-sung to a chair. He wanted to call the police with Baek Hee-sung’s phone, but he saw Cha Ji-won’s blood-stained job badge. The police announced Cha Ji-won’s death for consideration from various sources. When Do Hyun-soo listened to Bai Hee-sung’s murder, Cha Ji-won’s unanswered call, and the police confirmed Cha Ji-won’s death, completely lost his mind.

Whether Du Xianxiu called the police or killed someone, Bai Xixing readily accepted. He thought he was destined to win the game, but Du Xianxiu’s desire to torture slowly made him feel fear. When Baek Hee-sung rebelled, Zheng Mi-sook hugged Du Hyun-soo tightly, so he was able to escape temporarily.

When Cha Zhiyuan came to Bai Manyou’s house and learned that the strange number of the call was Bai Xixing and not a reporter, then he realized that it was Du Xianxiu. When Cha Zhiyuan called back again, the person who answered the phone became Zheng Meishu, and because of this call, the police learned of the location of Bai Xixing.

At this time, Du Xianxiu, like a cat catching a mouse, teased Bai Xixing. He took the initiative to let the other party escape with a single cut. Bai Xixing, who was mentally abnormal, suddenly realized that the man in front of him was the real lunatic. The two chased and fled, and when they came to the edge of the cliff, Du Xianxiu easily put the Bai Xixing system under him.

Just when Do Hyun-soo raised his sword and wanted to end Bai Xixing, he said “Honey”, preventing the dagger from falling. Do Hyun-soo looked at Cha Ji-won in disbelief, and then at Do Min-seok who was not far away. He could see the dead, and he couldn’t be sure whether Cha Ji-won in front of him really existed.

Painfully torturing these two lovers, Du Hyun-soo finally listened to Cha Ji-won’s persuasion, got up and dropped the dagger, and slowly approached her lover. But at the moment when he was about to embrace, two gunshots made Du Xianxiu unconscious after being shot in the head, and Bai Xixing who shot was also shot by Lin Haojun.

Flower of Evil Episode 14

Do Hyun-soo threatened Cha Ji-won with a dagger to remove the surveillance camera, just to prevent her from being implicated as a victim. Cha Zhiyuan couldn’t accept that her husband had put a dagger on her neck, and she wanted to arrest Do Hyun-soo only because she couldn’t think of a safer place than the police station.

Flower of Evil Episode 14

Do Hyun-soo was already saddened by Cha Ji-won’s distrust, and he took it for granted. Cha Zhi-won can see for the first time that this is a stopgap measure not to affect her, and will naturally feel sad after disappointment.

There was the sound of a police car coming from outside, and Do Hyun-soo and Cha Ji-won’s hands were tied together by handcuffs, and there was no chance of escape. When the police rushed in, they didn’t see the two of them. Cui Jaebian could clearly see through the monitor that the wardrobe was dirty, but in the end he couldn’t see the truth.

It turned out that Cha Ji-won and Do Hyun-soo hid in the gap behind the closet, and they secretly escaped through the back door while the policeman was not paying attention. Do Hyun-soo hopes to find out the real culprit in one day, but Cha Ji-won is unwilling to open the handcuffs. It is her last compromise that she wants to investigate together. The husband and wife first found the hotel to check in, and after talking to each other, they understood their pains and embraced each other.

Kong Meici took the initiative to confess, assisting Do Hyun-soo in hiding as Bai Xixing for fifteen years, and hinting that the assailant was Do Hyun-soo. This matter quickly fermented under the interference of the media, and the police investigation was also under tremendous pressure. Faced with the inquiry from the superior, Li Yuzhe had clearly seen obedience, but he still chose to help Cha Zhiyuan conceal the truth of her long known love.

Lien Shangzhe used Zheng Meishu to threaten Bai Xixing to prepare a huge sum of money. It turned out that Bai Xixing accidentally exposed his flaws, and Du Minxi threatened him to pretend to accidentally kill Zheng Meishu and surrendered to the police. For some reason, Zheng Meishu finally fell into the hands of Lian Shangzhe, but when Bai Xixing reached a cooperation with him, he bumped into Du Xianxiu who rushed out of the road, causing things to gradually get out of control.

In order to catch the accomplice, Do Hyun-soo deliberately escaped to send a signal in order to gain the trust of Lian Shangzhe and cooperate with him. During the call, Do Hyun-soo deliberately induced Lian Shangzhe to give testimony sufficient to prove his innocence. As soon as Cha Ji-won saved the recording, Do Hyun-soo was once again tied to the room with handcuffs. He couldn’t let his beloved person be contaminated with a little bit of sewage.

Hotel staff called the police when they found out. Cha Zhiyuan secretly returned to the police station and reported the recording and thoughts to Director Jiang and others. Director Jiang was deceived by Bai Manyou and proactively informed Cha Zhiyuan of his situation. Cha Zhiyuan, who has not yet known, is devoting himself to the investigation, and successfully obtained the vehicle’s dash cam next to the telephone booth in Weimendong.

The fact that Do Hyun-soo became a fugitive again has been fully exposed, and Do Hae-soo is disappointed again by Jin Maozhen’s timidity and evasion. Du Haixiu moved back to her original residence alone, but found a man peeping at her outside the door, and Cui Zaichang, who had been guarding Du Haixiu’s door, happened to arrest her. It turned out that this man had been secretly present in Duhai. The reporter beside Xiu.

Because Cha Zhiyuan’s mother was unable to accept the mutation and was hospitalized with a sudden illness, Cha Zhiyuan happened to entrust Bai Enxia who was unattended to Du Haixiu. Du Haixiu’s clothes were damaged due to the previous pull. Cha Zhiyuan gave her her coat out of kindness, and hoped that the day the matter was over, the family could sit together and enjoy a peaceful time.

Du Haixiu didn’t know that the danger was coming, and after accepting Jin Maozhen’s okay, he refused the other party’s request for accompany. Du Haixiu alone brought Bai Enxia back to the sealed home to pick up clothes, but suddenly heard movement outside the door. When she went out and saw the dark figure sitting on the sofa, the memory instantly coincided with the day of the Duminxi memorial ceremony.

Du Haixiu locked the door to ensure the safety of Bai Enxia, ??and when he heard Bai Xixing calling her Cha Zhiyuan, he deliberately hung the police position badge that Cha Zhiyuan accidentally put on her coat on her chest. Du Haixiu knew very well that the accomplice in front of him was here to kill Cha Zhiwon and kill Cha Jiwon. The only thing she can repay to Du Hyunxiu is to protect his lover for her younger brother.

Cha Zhiyuan’s job card was accidentally broken before, and the original appearance is not visible at all. Bai Xixing cut off the job card and took it away, convinced that the dying woman in front of him was Cha Zhiyuan. He learned from Bai Manyou that Cha Ji-won still believes in Do Hyun-soo’s innocence, and has obtained favorable evidence, and has given birth to the intention of secretly killing her.

When the dagger was inserted into Du Haixiu’s body, she recalled her younger brother and Jin Maozhen when she was a teenager. She had the purest happy time, and her consciousness gradually dissipated in such beautiful memories.

On the other side, Lian Shangzhe, who was struggling with whom to cooperate, learned the truth from Zheng Meishu’s mouth. Domin-seok did not commit suicide, but Baek Hee-sung pretended to surrender Domin-seok, but after the other party slack off, he took the opportunity to brutally kill Domin-seok from behind with a stone. This truth shocked Lian Shangzhe and realized more clearly that cooperating with Bai Xixing is tantamount to seeking a tiger’s skin.

Flower of Evil Episode 13

At the end of the summer of 1997, Bai Xixing stood on the balcony and killed a passing pet dog with a brick indifferently, deceiving everyone with tears of bewilderment and guilt. Therefore, it was the first time that Baek Hee Sung, who underwent psychological investigation, met To Min Suk, the only person who could understand and see through his heart.

Flower of Evil Episode 13

Du Xianxiu deliberately asked to borrow Bai Manyou’s villa. Once Lian Shangzhe went to kill someone, the accomplice would only be Bai Manyou, the only insider. However, when Cui Zaiban, who was ambushing outside, arrested him, he was just a gardener, and Lian Shangzhe was not seen at all.

Seeing that Do Hyun-soo received the call that the operation failed, Bai Man-yu immediately turned back to the client and asked Cha Zhi-won as a policeman for his own personal suspicion. But obviously, just as Bai Man-woo thought, it is impossible for Do Hyun-soo to easily dispel his doubts about him because of this failure.

The failure of this operation was as early as Bai Xixing expected. He heard that Lien Shangzhe had hinted that someone would kill Du Xianxiu, so he immediately stopped the assassination. After all, the chance to kill him was Du Xianxiu himself. To Bai Manyou, this has to be suspicious.

Bai Xixing pulled the switch secretly, Bai Manyou protected Bai Xixing from going out on the grounds of repairing the circuit, and spilled Park Shunying’s hair in the trunk of Do Hyunxiu’s car. Kong Mi-ci, who had deliberately wanted to light a candle, suddenly scattered the things on the ground. Du Hyun-soo subconsciously helped to clean it up, and she fell into their trap without realizing it.

Cha Zhiyuan’s instinct as a policeman always felt something was wrong. Suddenly, she suddenly realized that after the power outage, Bai Manyou and his wife had no worries at all, and Bai Xixing, who had to rely on machines to maintain his life. However, the lights turned on again, and Bai Manyou bluntly said that the machine had a spare battery, and temporarily fooled Cha Zhiyuan over.

In the middle of the night, Du Xianxiu took the initiative to find out the source of the call due to an implied threatening call, which was a public phone at the end of the road at the end of the road. When Do Hyun-soo rushed, he happened to take a photo of the suspect’s dash cam, but he had to give up because the owner was away. In addition, all Do Hyun-soo got was the provocative message left by Baek Hee Sung in the phone booth.

The next day, the police found Pu Shunying’s body on the wild mountain in Weimendong. The corpse’s left thumb was missing, and both hands were tied up with tape. It was the tape that Do Hyun-soo picked up for Kong Mi-ci. In addition, Bai Xixing calculated that Do Hyun-soo would find the address of the phone booth and rushed to him immediately. Do Hyun-soo had been in the doorway that night and left fingerprints on the tape that bound the body.

When Du Xianxiu learned the news from Jin Maozhen and wanted to commit danger again, he took the initiative to contact Lian Shangzhe in order to induce accomplices. Who knows, he knew that Zheng Meishu was still in personnel affairs. It turned out that Lian Shangzhe brought back Zheng Meishu, who had lost all his memory, from the mental hospital. This was when Zheng Meishu happened to receive a call from Du Xianxiu while going to the toilet.

At the same time, Cha Zhiyuan Lenovo Bai Enxia had questioned where her father was going late at night. Unable to restrain her suspicion, she got Du Xianxiu’s fingerprints, which proved that they were completely consistent with the fingerprints on the tape that bound the corpse, and had to reluctantly personally. Arrest the beloved husband.

The moment the cold handcuffs touched Do Hyun-soo, he felt that the person he cared most had lost trust in him, and Do Min-seok’s words rang in his ears again. Not long ago, Do Hyun-soo’s mother loved Domin-seok’s illusion, and when the cruel reality was stripped naked, she chose to turn her back. Today, Cha Ji-won’s distrust has made Do Hyun-soo more convinced that no one is worthy of trust, and no one will trust him.

When Choi Zaibian had to report the truth to his superiors and rushed to Cha Zhiyuan’s house together, no one was seen. From the monitor’s point of view, only Do Hyun-soo was holding a small knife on Cha Ji-won’s neck and threatening him to unplug the monitor.

Flower of Evil Episode 12

When Kong Meici was cleaning up the bed for her son, she accidentally found a box under the mattress with a photo of the victim, everyone’s thumb and nail, and a blood-stained dagger, which really frightened her.

Flower of Evil Episode 12

The terrified Kong Meici was seeking Bai Manyou’s help, but he witnessed Bai Xixing trying to bury the knocked out Du Xianxiu alive. The successive blows and fears caused Kong Meici to stabbed his parents and children, but the appearance of Bai Xixing’s calm down was even more chilling. Today, Kong Meici shouldn’t be at home, but this dramatic coincidence changed the course of the whole thing.

Back then, the people in the village were like demons, torturing Do Hyun-soo in the name of exorcising them, leading him to be troubled by the demons and believe that he was possessed by the demons. Since then, he has often hallucinated and was killed by Domin-seok. Entangled. Everyone abandoned their brothers and sisters, including Jin Maozhen, who loved Du Haixiu so much. This was a pain Du Haixiu could not let go of in his life.

Cui Zaibian waited at the door of Du Haixiu’s and his wife’s house, using recording as a reward for their coffee treat. Cui Jaebian discovered that all evidence about the murder of the chieftain would be destroyed, but he left a schoolbag proving Du Xianxiu’s identity on the conspicuous riverside, and there was a murder weapon in it, which was obviously intentional. Cui Zaibian understands what happened, and no longer wants to embarrass the suffering brother and sister.

Although Du Xianxiu could not recover his true identity, he could finally walk in the sun. Seeing Bai Enxia, ??he cried like a child again. Life is always going on, and Cha Zhiyuan also made up his mind to resign. Although escape from all difficulties can not solve the problem, it is an extravagant desire to be stable for life.

Do Hyun-soo does not want Cha Ji-won to collapse because he is worried about his safety. He can only conceal the fact that Bai Man-woo wants to kill him. He secretly plans with Choi Jae-chang, once again using his own thief bait to catch Lien Sang-cheol. , To lure the accomplices behind the scenes, but Du Hyun-soo did not fail to inform Choi Jae-chang that the person who wanted to buy his life was Bai Manyou.

Do Hae-soo wants to surrender to Cha Ji-won, but is stopped by the other party. For Cha Ji-won, Do Hyun-soo is no longer a child who needs her sister to stand in front to help explain, but an adult who needs to be respected and trusted. people. Cha Zhiyuan doesn’t want Bai Xixing to be guilty of murder in the first half of his life, and guilt in the second half of his life. For both siblings, Du Haixiu is the best choice to live his life with a sense of debt.

No matter how Du Hyun-soo concealed it, Cha Ji-won learned from Lien Sang-chul that someone wanted to buy Du Hyun-soo’s life. Just as Do Hyun-soo expected, Cha Zhi-won almost collapsed when she heard the news. Her identity as a policeman made her calm, but as a wife, she was overwhelmed by the worry in her heart.

Do Hyun-soo confessed all the details and life trivialities that had deceived Cha Ji-won, but these were not what she wanted to hear. Obviously he is such a good person, but because of the faults of his father and sister, he can only hide his identity and stay forever. This makes Cha Zhiyuan, who loves Du Xianxiu extremely distressed and wronged. Both Cha Ji-won and Do Hyun-soo are fully prepared and will face it together no matter how difficult the road ahead is.

Compared with the ears that cannot hear, the eyes that cannot see are equally important. It turns out that Park Soon-young can read lips, which makes her very scared of Bai Hee-sung’s self-talk, and therefore reveals flaws. Park Soon Young felt the danger signal, but she was greedy and wanted to threaten Kong Mi Ci with the secrets of the Bai family, so as to get money. No one knew that Bai Xixing could stand up long ago, which caused Pu Shunying to lose his life because of her greed and carelessness.

Continually killing people will obviously only bring trouble. Bai Manyou knows very well that this relative in front of him is pulling them into hell simultaneously, but he has to sink deep into it. In order to deal with the aftermath, Bai Xixing came up with a plan of killing three birds with one stone. It could get rid of the vampire-like Lian Shangzhe, the threatening Du Hyun-soo, and the corpses of Park Soon-young.

At the same time, Du Xianxiu also deliberately borrowed Bai Manyou’s personal villa, and Bai Manyou would disclose this information to Lian Shangzhe, which was within his expectation. As a policeman, Cha Zhiyuan has emergency arrest authority, and she is bound to go with Bai Xixing. A cat and mouse game, who wins and who loses…

Flower of Evil Episode 11

Do Hyun-soo always thought that he couldn’t feel emotions. He couldn’t understand why Cha Ji-won shed tears when he looked at his newborn daughter. But when he saw that little person, Do Hyun-soo would also be unconsciously worried. , Because of the life that descended in their home, he might not like his father, and feel worried.

Flower of Evil Episode 11

Before Do Hyun-soo had a face-to-face transaction with Lian Shangzhe, he asked Jin Moo-jin to be nearby and handed over his cell phone to the police to prevent him from encountering the possibility that he could not call the police in person and inform the police of the location. Du Xianxiu opened the wiretap after undergoing an electronic inspection and hid it in the hidden part of the purse in front of Lian Shangzhe.

Through a bug, Jin Maozhen successfully learned where the hostages were being held, and pretended to be Do Hyun-soo to call Cha Zhi-won and send the message. But when Do Hyun-soo, who was in the employment agency, was about to receive the information of Domin-seok’s accomplices, Lien Sang-cheol regretted a phone call.

The person who called Lien Shangzhe was Bai Xixing’s father, Bai Manyou, who bought back information about the accomplice at twice the price and told the other party that Du Xianxiu had secretly colluded with the police.

Lian Shangzhe’s men who stayed beside him were burly and powerful, and Du Xianxiu was no opponent at all. Soon, Do Hyun Soo was beaten by the opponent with no power to fight back, and tied his hands to the door handle. Even if Lien Sang-chul believed that Du Xian-su was bound to die, no matter how the other party asked him, he did not give out information about the accomplice, and deliberately induced Du Hyun-su to doubt the people around him.

At the same time, with Cha Zhiyuan’s insistence, she and the police successfully rescued several hostages based on the location where Jin Maozhen reported. Choi Jaebian was also soft-hearted at the last minute and offered Cha Ji-won one night, which was enough for her to help Do Hyun-soo escape.

Du Haixiu, who was investigating alone, also worked hard to find Bai Manyou’s home. The green bracelet is a souvenir from the overseas medical volunteers of Baimanyou Hospital. Du Haixiu thought that the accomplice had been a volunteer, so he came to seek help, hoping that Baimanyou could provide the list and photos of all the volunteers.

Du Haixiu simply thought that Bai Manyou was a good person who had been helping Du Haixiu, but he didn’t know that their family was the most dangerous existence. The accomplice is a man who has short nails and loves to bite his fingers. Du Haixiu easily confessed the information he had learned, but he didn’t know. At this moment, Bai Xixing, who loves to bite his fingers, was looking through the crack of the door behind him, nervously. Watch her.

After Du Haixiu left, Kong Meici was deeply disturbed. Seeing the more and more troubles, Bai Manyou couldn’t help but slapped Bai Xixing’s habit of biting his fingers. Bai Xixing never concealed it, but she grieved and cried out how he was threatened by Du Min-seok and how he had to submit to protect his parents’ lives. This is different from the appearance that he wants to personally finish it. It is also because of his relationship with Lian Shangzhe. This phone call accidentally ran into Do Hyun-soo.

Du Hyun-soo was bound with his hands and unable to escape, and the sound of an alarm outside the door led Lian Shangzhe away. It turned out that Jin Maozhen heard from the bug that Du Xianxiu was exposed, so he dared to come to rescue him, but his power was limited. When attracting the other party to the parking lot, Jin Maozhen could only hide in Tibet. By the way, he opened the live broadcast to ask for help. Finally, the police arrived in time. And get back a life.

Just as Yeom Sang Cheol was preparing to burn Do Hyun-soo together with the criminal evidence, Cha Ji-won’s arrival gave Do Hyun-soo a respite. But Cha Zhiyuan is a woman after all, not Lian Shangzhe’s opponent at all. When she was pinched by the neck, she was about to suffocate to death.

Seeing this, Du Xianxiu didn’t know where to get the power, so he broke the doorknob and kicked Lian Shangzhe away. He turned into a beast and beat Lian Shangzhe like a beast when he heard the tape recorder was interrupted. The blood spray did not stop. If Cha Zhiyuan stopped in time, Lian Shangzhe would be killed on the spot.

The police had already arrived. Before that, Bai Xixing had already responded to Cha Zhiyuan’s request and fled first. Do Hyun-soo knows very well that once he leaves, he will always lose Cha Ji-won and his cherished home. Maybe Du Hyun-soo still doesn’t understand why Cha Zhi-won would choose to help herself when she knew she was cheated. He didn’t understand why he was so heartbroken, but his love was half true.

Do Hyun-soo called Cha Ji-won over and over again until the other person appeared in front of him. This time, Do Hyun-soo didn’t want to flee again, no matter what the result might be tomorrow, a single sentence of “going home” was enough to express all his feelings. Cha Zhiyuan has always believed that even if Xianxiu didn’t understand it, since she met each other, every behavior of this man in front of her was proof of loving her.

Time will not stop moving because of their love, the sun is coming as expected, and Cui Jaechang’s phone rang at the same time. Du Hyun-soo, who had been sleeping well all night, woke up and calmly faced all the unknown with Cha Ji-won. They clasped their fingers and came to Choi Jae-Ban.

What they didn’t know was that the arrested Lian Shangzhe took advantage of the carelessness of the guarding police to kill the opponent, snatch the key to the handcuffs, and fled the hospital. Lian Shangzhe’s escape made the possibility of Du Xianxiu’s innocence even smaller.

Flower of Evil Episode 4

Cha Zhiyuan paid the price of not harassing Baek Hee Sung for a period of time, in exchange for the first date. Seeing Cha Ji-won with a happy smile in front of him, Bai Xixing didn’t consciously show a rare smile, but this beautiful moment disappeared when he saw Du Min-seok.

Flower of Evil Episode 4

The police are still investigating Nam Soon Gil’s death, and the suspect is locked as Do Hyun Soo, so Do Hae Soo, his only relative, will naturally be investigated. Do Hae-soo, who seems to be living peacefully, puts down his work and agrees to meet Cha Ji-won, but the conversation between the two is not pleasant.

Obviously, for so many years, Do Hae-soo has been annoyed by various media and police because of Do Min-seok and Do Hyun-soo’s affairs. In her words, it is revealed that she still feels sorry for her brother, which is obviously unreasonable. As usual, when a relative who has not seen each other in more than ten years turns his life into a mess, even if there is no hatred, it is absolutely impossible to have such distressed emotions. Perhaps what happened back then was not as simple as it seemed. .

In the evening, Bai Xixing had just returned to the bedroom and was slightly startled by Cha Zhiyuan, who was holding the raincoat, but soon returned to his normal expression and put on the raincoat cooperatively. It turned out that Cha Zhiyuan has never understood that even if he is familiar with a husband and wife, it is impossible to recognize it at a glance, let alone a person who has not seen him for many years and wears a mask. How Nam Sun Gil can confirm that the other party is Du Hyun Su.

Cha Zhiyuan couldn’t let go of the investigation at home, but this gave Bai Xixing a chance to talk about it. Tomorrow someone will do the look puzzle of Du Xianxiu. Fortunately, Jin Maozhen is one of them. In fact, Bai Xixing has said the wrong thing. After all, Cha Zhiyuan never told him that Jin Mojin and Do Hyun-soo knew each other, but Cha Zhiyuan, who was in a daze, was fooled by a few words.

With Jin Maozhen messing up the puzzle, it is naturally impossible to spell out the appearance of Bai Xixing, but the general public is also called on on TV to provide information about Du Xianxiu’s photos and other information. Soon, Aunt Fuzi remembered that she had accidentally taken a photo of Do Hyun-soo five years ago, and immediately called the police.

At this time, Bai Xixing was learning how to look sad and regretful, and then disguised as Jin Maozhen to interview the family of the deceased, and learned that Nam Soonji would go home at three o’clock every night and would call the same taxi every time. The reason why Nam Soon Gil identified the murderer as Do Hyun Soo was only because the other party had the same pendant jewelry as Do Hyun Soo.

Jin Maozhen still didn’t give up, trying to use Bai Xixing’s secret, but the other party deleted all the contents of the recorder. The two rushed to the former villages and towns “with peace of mind”. When they arrived, it was late at night. Everything in the village made Bai Xixing involuntarily remember the insults that the villagers had forcibly performed on him.

After arriving at the destination, Jin Maozhen had planned everything. Who knows, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Aunt Fuzi tied to the ground, and he was instantly hit in the back of the head, causing him to coma. Bai Xixing, who was hiding in the courtyard, saw the murderer appear and hurried forward to pursue him. When the murderer Park Qingchun was subdued and asked Zheng Meishu, Bai Xixing obviously didn’t know this woman.

The two agreed that a certain hospitality company would meet, but before Bai Xixing left, Cha Zhiyuan rushed there first, and with a shout, the two began a chase. Bai Xixing ran into a certain warehouse all the way, taking advantage of Cha Zhiyuan not paying attention, immediately wrapped her in a snakeskin bag, grabbed her handcuffs, and subdued her.

Aunt Fu Zi is tied up, and the murderer keeps asking about Du Hyun-soo’s affairs, which is tantamount to confessing that none of this has anything to do with Du Hyun-soo, and Cha Zhi-won also makes a judgment that the murderer is someone else. According to police investigations, Jung Mi-sook was the last victim of Do Min-seok, but the body has never been found, which is why her husband Park Qingchun was crazy and murdered.

Soon, the police found a watch from the warehouse scene. Cha Zhiyuan recognized it at a glance. It was a birthday gift she gave to Bai Xixing. The abbreviation on the strap also confirmed her incredible thoughts. It’s no wonder that when Cha Zhiyuan was covered by a snakeskin bag and the tools on her head dropped, she would be unscathed because it was covered by Bai Xixing. But this truth is something that Cha Zhiyuan cannot accept until a reasonable explanation can be obtained.

Flower of Evil Episode 10

Jin Maozhen entered Du Haixiu’s house with joy. There was no trace of life in the room. Du Haixiu, who didn’t know the light was broken, made him feel very distressed. Jin Maozhen left and returned, installed a lamp in this home, and lit a lamp in Du Haixiu’s heart.

Flower of Evil Episode 10

Du Haixiu made her younger brother always be regarded as a murderer, and now he is even about to lose his wife he cares about the most. Du Haixiu, who is stuck in self-blame every day, is more determined to confess everything. It’s just that Du Haixiu still has a wish. She promised Cha Zhiyuan on the phone that she would confide the truth when the time comes.

After Cha Zhiyuan received a call from Du Haixiu in the park, she watched Bai Xixing rushing towards her. She was more convinced and regretted the cruel words she had said before. Cha Zhiyuan’s only hope now is that Bai Xixing can feel what she feels, and when everything is over, she will find a quiet place undisturbed to spend her life.

Bai Xixing clearly remembered that when Cha Zhiyuan first became a police officer, she had a happy expression on her face. Now she thought of resigning. When thinking about recent events, Bai Xixing felt strange but didn’t think deeply.

Earlier, Bai Xixing looked at the computer that Lian Shangzhe placed in front of him, selected the child in the cargo, and asked for 100 million yuan to obtain photos and information of the accomplice at the same time. For Lian Shangzhe, nothing is more important than money. He readily agreed that the transaction was also expected by Bai Xixing.

Bai Xixing originally wanted to get this money from Bai Manyou, but the real Bai Xixing woke up and prayed to his father, wanting to exchange his misery for Bai Xixing’s pitiful life, and to return to his own life. At the same time, Bai Manyou heard that Bai Xixing had a way to find Du Minseok’s accomplice, and his eyes revealed what the sudden surprise foreshadowed.

Since the real Bai Xixing woke up, in addition to wanting to regain his life, he was also very painful in regret and regret. He was anxious to meet a woman on the day of the car accident. If there were no accidents that day, he would be able to change the fate of everyone, but nothing happened.

Bai Xixing deployed everything, called the police station with a voice changer, revealed to the police the details of the transaction with Lian Shangzhe as Du Xianxiu, and assisted the police in catching the accomplices. The only requirement is to return his innocence and not be exposed .

Cha Zhiyuan knew who the caller was. Afterwards, she couldn’t wait to see Bai Xixing and watch her husband appear safely in front of her. Bai Xixing is about to take risks, but Cha Zhiyuan can only hold back her grief and worry, and acquiesce in his thoughts.

After the police received the report and confirmed that the information was true, Cui Jae-bian deployed how to arrest Du Hyun-soo after arresting Lian Shangzhe. Cha Zhiyuan can’t express his thoughts even if he doesn’t want to. Although Lin Haojun disdains such perfidy actions, it is true that from the standpoint of the police, Cui Jaebian is not wrong.

Du Haixiu hypnotized alone and wanted to see the appearance of the accomplice. She could see that the other party’s nails were abnormally short and the arms were wearing strange soft rubber rings, but when she looked at the man’s face, she found the other party. He was staring at his face, he was remembering the face in front of him, which made Du Haixiu feel deeply terrified.

In order to find the accomplice, Du Haixiu actually found the exact same style on the Internet according to the green tape bracelet she saw in hypnosis. It was a medical item, and the person who owned it turned out to be Bai Manyou.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Cha Zhiyuan dialed Du Hyun-soo’s phone and asked about the tape recorder. What she got was the truth that it contained her mother’s voice. The reason why Do Hyun-soo cherishes the tape recorder is that it is the only thing left by the missing mother. However, due to the negligence of the doctor and the fact that he does not know the truth of the matter, he even considers the tape recorder to be something that will induce Do Hyun-soo to go crazy.

Not only is Bai Xixing lack of empathy, on the contrary, he understands emotions very well, and can even use emotions that everyone does not understand to achieve his own goals. At the same time, Bai Xixing, who hung up, looked at the watch showing ten o’clock. Cha Zhiyuan once said that she would call him at ten o’clock, which also implied that she already knew the truth.

Aunt Fuzi was attacked before, and Jin Maozhen was knocked out after entering the room. The recording pen that was originally intended to secretly capture Du Xianxiu’s exclusive information dropped accidentally. Aunt Fuzi gave the recording pen she found accidentally to Cui Zaibian, and after it had been repaired, she successfully retrieved all the previously deleted information.

It was clearly recorded in the recorder that Jin Maozhen deliberately asked how Do Hyun-soo changed his identity to become Baek Hee-soo in order to make a routine. The truth shocked Cui Jae-chang. Thinking back to Cha Zhiyuan’s performance during this period of time, Choi Jae-chang became more convinced that she knew the truth a long time ago, and it was even more disappointing that was hard to express.

Flower of Evil Episode 9

On the first day of the move, Bai Xixing deliberately made the home extremely beautiful, and Cha Zhiyuan fell into his gentleness every day. The fetal movement made Bai Xixing feel unimaginable magic. As a person who couldn’t understand his emotions, he also had what he wanted without knowing it.

Flower of Evil Episode 9

Time back to the present, the arrival of Cha Zhiyuan made the atmosphere of the three people weird. Du Haixiu even impulsively wanted to confess the fact that she had killed Li Chang, but was eventually prevented by Bai Xixing deliberately overturning the coffee.

In the secret room of the Bai family, the real Bai Xixing miraculously survived. His memory stayed on the day of the car accident, and he asked Bai Manyou why he hadn’t answered his phone. Even not long after, he suddenly remembered that the reason why the fast car crashed into someone that day was because there was an important person who had to meet, and what kind of secrets there was in it.

After analyzing the recording, in addition to some kind of irregular percussion, there is another man’s voice. Cha Zhiyuan deliberately revealed his voice to Bai Xixing. Although it was not real, it was enough to remind him that this was the sound of a barman hitting an ice cube in the bar, and a man with a tightly wrapped package was passing by him and the city. When Xi was around, he accidentally dropped his belongings and took the opportunity to hand over the car keys to Du Min Xi.

Tonight was a family gathering of three, but only the immature Bai Enxia was really happy. As long as Cha Zhiyuan thinks about that day, and hears Bai Xixing saying that she doesn’t love her, she can’t be the same as before. The only thing she can do is to smile.

Bai Xixing is best at grasping the differences in emotions from the expressions of others, and after too much questioning, finally Cha Zhiyuan can no longer hide the changes and grievances in his heart. Cha Zhiyuan simply expresses his dislike for Bai Xixing with a period of boredom, and then sleeps in separate rooms.

Bai Xixing can only understand the boredom period from the literal meaning, and Cha Zhiyuan’s idea of ??wanting to separate, also made him feel helpless for the first time sincerely. The only way Bai Xixing can think of to make Cha Zhiyuan happy is to find an accomplice. For this reason, he once again came to the bar that year alone.

When the bar clerk took out the pen that belonged to Tomin Seok, everything was exposed. After Bai Xixing easily subdued him, he came to an employment agency. The boss of the agency, Lian Shangzhe, is not an accomplice, but obviously, he is the person who provided materials for the accomplices, and the so-called materials are people.

At the same time, Cha Zhiyuan deliberately pretended to run away from home in order to lure the snake out of the cave. He tried the phone calls that Zheng Meishu had made that year, and finally found Huang Jingshun, one of Lian Shangzhe’s offline, and successfully lured him to the hotel for arrest.

In order to escape arrest, Huang Jingshun jumped the window to escape with his hands handcuffed, causing him to fall from a tall building. He did not know his life or death. Cha Zhiyuan failed to completely restrict Huang Jingshun’s actions. This was a serious mistake. The recent changes made her no longer the same as before. At this time, the fragile Cha Zhiyuan looked at Bai Xixing’s message on the phone and couldn’t help thinking. See the one you love the first time.

At the same time, Bai Xixing was held by the hands of Lian Shangzhe’s men. Just when the drug was about to be infused, he made Lian Shangzhe give up the idea of ??surrendering him to an accomplice on the grounds that he would become a long-term customer.

Cha Zhiyuan’s phone call allowed Bai Xixing to temporarily regain his freedom of hands, but his indifferent and abnormal words suddenly surprised Cha Zhiyuan. Cha Zhiyuan suddenly thought that on the first day of the move, Bai Xixing had said that he wanted only the same life and the trust of Cha Zhiyuan.

Cha Zhiyuan did not miss the possibility of catching Bai Xixing may be in danger at the moment because of his recent emotions. She tried every word, and after getting the result that the other party did not need help, she only hoped to see the safe and sound Bai Xixing in an hour.

Flower of Evil Episode 8

In the autumn of 2005, Du Hyun-soo had been under house arrest for a long time at home by Bai Manyou and his wife. What is incomprehensible is that the person who was hit was obviously him, but the person who remained unconscious was the perpetrator.

Flower of Evil Episode 8

Bai Manyou is about to be promoted, and any scandal is unbearable for him. Compared to his already-vegetative son, he can hardly bear the double blow of ruining his future. Bai Manyou can only keep Do Hyun-soo disguised as Bai Xixing to keep everything as it was.

Do Hyun-soo dyed his hair the same color as Bai Xixing, went to the ID card processing office, and successfully deceived the staff with his excellent psychological quality, obtained a valid certificate, and officially became Bai Xixing.

Looking back in time, Jin Maozhen couldn’t imagine that Bai Xixing would ask for his help so confidently, but the benefits offered by the other party did not give him a reason to refuse. Bai Xixing asked to meet Du Haixiu. He was convinced that the person who gave the wooden sign to Du Haixiu was an accomplice. Once the truth is revealed, the first person to report the truth is Jin Maozhen. At that time, as a reporter, he will truly become famous. .

When Bai Xixing returned home, the originally happy couple tentatively deceived each other in disguise. All the good things became fragmented in this battle without gunpowder. When Cha Zhiyuan faced Bai Xixing’s sleep on request, some things had changed. Never go back to the past.

The cabbage theft case caused Cha Zhiyuan to meet Jin Minshuo again. Since his father was arrested, he ran away from home and became a bad boy, and regretted why he didn’t pretend to be stupid. This made Cha Zhiyuan also start to waver, perhaps as an unknowing fool to keep happiness, but she can’t help but question the true and false of happiness.

Bai Enxia was entrusted to Kong Meici, who had not lived like a person for a long time, finally found a trace of family warmth. However, Bai Manyou’s return had torn everything to pieces. In the words, the current misery of Bai Xixing was caused by Kong Meici. And they didn’t know that Bai Xixing, who had been asleep for a long time, showed signs of waking up soon.

Jin Maozhen helped his long-lost siblings meet again in the abandoned factory, and the truth finally came to light. Once, Du Haixiu, in order to beg the prince who adopted them, to stop violent against her younger brother, she was violated by the other side. Bai Xixing, who arrived in time, took everything to himself. This case also made him an accomplice of Du Minxi, allowing the real prisoner to escape the law for many years.

Du Haixiu is very happy to be Bai Xixing’s younger brother and can have his own family. She was even more shocked by the status of his younger brother and sister as a police officer. When she asked Bai Xixing if she loved Cha Jiwon, she couldn’t empathize and didn’t understand emotions. It has never been.

Cha Zhiyuan had already followed this through the watch tracker, eavesdropping, and she learned that Bai Xixing was not an accomplice of Du Min Suk. However, Bai Xixing’s words that he had never loved were like thin needles inserted into Cha Zhi’s heart, making her miserable. Only her daughter’s love can bring a little comfort.

Cha Ji-won burns all the items that once belonged to Do Hyun-soo. This is the only way she can perfect her lover, so that Do Hyun-soo will live as Baek Hee-soo forever. Cha Zhiyuan was ready to break up and brought the real accomplice to justice, and she left forever. The wedding ring she took off was determination.

The three of Bai Xixing also started investigating the accomplices. They and the police all found the victims in common. Those people were all run away from home, and no one was involved after death, with the exception of Zheng Meishu.

In addition, Do Hae-soo once saw a man crying extremely sad at Du Min-seok’s funeral. He also gave her the small fish wooden sign and told her that this thing can bless the peace. It was this man who deliberately lamented Do Hyun-soo. Perhaps it will not be long before he successfully hints that Du Haixiu will give the wooden sign to his younger brother.

The mysterious man once left Du Haixiu’s phone number, but over the years, all the items that were once have been destroyed, and the memory has become blurred and can no longer be remembered. The only evidence is the strange background sound in the recording. Bai Xixing is sure he has been to this place, but he can’t remember where he is.

Cha Ji-won was suddenly alert under Choi Jae-chang’s reasoning that if he were to conspire to commit a crime, he would have to complete the key transfer meeting. Then Bai Xixing, who has been with Du Min-seok, must have seen an accomplice, but Bai Xixing never mentioned it. This is also one of the reasons Cui Zaibian insists that he is an accomplice.

Cha Zhiyuan knows that the accomplice is not Bai Xixing, and he has seen an accomplice, which will be the biggest breakthrough point. According to the watch’s positioning, Cha Zhiyuan rang Jin Maozhen’s home. In the other’s surprised expression, step by step, she pierced the other party’s lie that Bai Xixing was also here.

At the same time, Bai Manyou heard that Kong Meici had been in her son’s ward for a long time. Recalling the previous quarrel, she had expressed her attitude of letting her son die easily and couldn’t wait to rush home. Even though Bai Manyou arrived in time, he couldn’t get rid of Kong Mei’s obstruction. He could only watch the heart monitor lose its beating.

Strangely enough, when the real Baek Hee Sung loses oxygen, Du Hyun Soo, who pretends to be his identity, suddenly feels breathless inexplicably, and his heart feels suffocated. It was only when he suddenly improved that he returned to normal and calmly came to Cha Ji Won.