Flower of Evil Episode 1

In the deep water, Bai Xixing was like a drowning person, isolated from the outside world, so lonely and lifeless, until Cha Zhiyuan appeared and gave him oxygen, as if he was born with hope, and let his life taste a touch of warmth.

Flower of Evil Episode 1

In the studio at home, Bai Xixing and Cha Zhiyuan hug and kiss each other tenderly and tenderly, like glue. They seem to be the same as most couples, living an ordinary life, staying together for many years has not extinguished their passion.

Today is Bai Xixing’s birthday, and the couple took their daughter Bai Enxia to celebrate with their grandparents. The five stood opposite each other, silent and speechless. It was the closest relationship, but there was apathy in their eyes. Looking at Cha Zhiyuan’s mother and daughter, there is only anxiety and anxiety, while Bai Xixing is indifferent and does not want to try to change the bad relationship between them. Obviously, the abnormal atmosphere has become accustomed to this family.

Flower of Evil

A table separates Bai Xixing’s family of three from Bai Manyou and Kong Meici, as if they were two worlds. It wasn’t until Cha Zhiyuan left for official business and Bai Enxia fell into a deep sleep that the truth that caused the family to be in such a weird state finally surfaced with the conversation between them.

Bai Xixing’s past was not glorious, and the man and woman in front of him were not his parents. It was obviously very ironic to be able to marry Cha Zhiyuan, a policeman. Regardless of the past, Bai Xixing must have a bit of sincerity right now, his only thinking is to maintain the status quo.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, 12-year-old Kim Min-suk, in an apartment in Sein-dong, Seoul, was found to have suffered a head injury and fainted in the stairwell. The first sentence after waking up was actually that his father wanted to murder him.

In the child’s story, his father Jin Sang really disliked his fat body. When he lost his strength due to weight loss, his father could not restrain his inner impatience, kicked him down the stairs with one foot, and finally fled to the scene. However, the same thing, in the father’s account, became an invitation from a friend, and was temporarily separated from his son in the stairwell.

The story between the father and the son is very different, and Cha Zhiyuan found the suspicious point through a pair of shoes. Jin Shangzhen is currently wearing a pair of unfit slippers, and one of his socks is stained with dust. Obviously, he received a phone call from his son that he was injured. He rushed to the hospital before wearing the hotel slippers. During the run, one shoe fell off.

Monitoring in the underground parking lot showed that Jin Shangzhen’s expression was relaxed, not in line with the characteristics of escape, and he did leave the apartment in leather shoes at the moment. All kinds of evidence show that Jin Shangzhen did not lie, but what made Jin Minsuo wronged his father.

Kim Min-suk’s mother, Gao Ying, seemed a little slow when facing reporter Jin Maozhen’s inquiries. When facing Cha Zhiyuan’s inquiries about family relations, she kept emphasizing that there was nothing wrong with her family, but she seemed to be embarrassed by the truth.

On the contrary, Choi Jae-chang believes that Jin Shang is really the murderer of his relatives, because he smelled the perfume of women in him. Choi Jaebian found Dr. Pei En Suk who had a drink with Kim Sang-jin that day. He had the same perfume smell and had tried his best to steal each other’s mobile phone. He checked the intimate photos of the two to make him more convinced of his guess.

However, while Choi Zaibian was immersed in his insistence, Cha Zhiyuan led Lin Haojun to find the iron evidence. The reason why Kim Min Suk fell down the stairs was just an accident caused by the fright of the neighbor’s child’s dog.

When the matter came to an end, Cha Zhiyuan accompanied Lin Haojun to buy vitamins. The color of the medicine reminded her that Gao Ying spilled white pills all over the place because of the cockroach hidden in the vitamin medicine bottle. The different colors must have been artificially replaced. Lenovo Jinshangzhen is derailed. It is not difficult to imagine what the truth is.

It turned out that Kim Min-suk had long learned that his father had cheated and gave his mother medicine, which turned the previously capable and intelligent Ko Young into a dull and stupid woman. This is why Kim Min-suk wronged his father and put cockroaches in his mother’s medicine bottle. The truth became clear, and Jin Shangzhen was taken back to the police station to accept legal sanctions.

This case made Cha Zhiyuan and Choi Jaechang feel a lot of emotion. Instead of facing the truth, it is better to eat the poison given by their lover and die in happiness. This is the only time they have the same idea.

At the same time, reporter Jin Maozhen came to Bai Xixing’s studio. He wanted to repair a necklace, but he didn’t want to. But here he met Du Xianxiu, a wanted murderer many years ago.

Back then, Jin Maozhen remembered the serial homicide case in Lianzhou and reported relevant details. The murderers were father and son. Du Minxi had already broken the law, but his son Du Xianxiu had been on the run. When Jin Maozhen saw Bai Xixing, he recognized at a glance that he was Du Xianxiu who had known him for many years and was at large after the crime.

From the moment Jin Maozhen stepped into Bai Xixing’s house, the closed shutters, loudspeakers with amplified sound, and herbal tea had already doomed his end. No one could hear Jin Maozhen’s struggle, Bai Xixing tightened his neck tightly until the opponent no longer had the power to resist.

As soon as the case was over, Cha Zhiyuan received a call from Kong Meici. She was wronged by the ill-talking dislike. Perhaps this time Cha Zhiyuan really gave up her desire to have a good relationship with her in-laws. While Cha Zhiyuan was in tears, she was thinking about concealing the fact that their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law did not agree with Bai Xixing, so as to avoid embarrassment and sadness for her lover, but she could not think that this call was prompted by Bai Xixing.

Cha Zhiyuan adjusted his mood, opened the door, and looked at Bai Xixing and Bai Enxia, ??who were smiling and happy, all his worries were thrown away. If there is no hope, there will be no more disappointment. Once and for all, Bai Xixing’s goal.

When the family of three happily embraced and played and played as usual, in the basement, bound Jin Maozhen suddenly opened his eyes! Although he did not die in Bai Xixing’s hands, he was not free. Perhaps death might not be a relief.

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