Flower of Evil Episode 11

Do Hyun-soo always thought that he couldn’t feel emotions. He couldn’t understand why Cha Ji-won shed tears when he looked at his newborn daughter. But when he saw that little person, Do Hyun-soo would also be unconsciously worried. , Because of the life that descended in their home, he might not like his father, and feel worried.

Flower of Evil Episode 11

Before Do Hyun-soo had a face-to-face transaction with Lian Shangzhe, he asked Jin Moo-jin to be nearby and handed over his cell phone to the police to prevent him from encountering the possibility that he could not call the police in person and inform the police of the location. Du Xianxiu opened the wiretap after undergoing an electronic inspection and hid it in the hidden part of the purse in front of Lian Shangzhe.

Through a bug, Jin Maozhen successfully learned where the hostages were being held, and pretended to be Do Hyun-soo to call Cha Zhi-won and send the message. But when Do Hyun-soo, who was in the employment agency, was about to receive the information of Domin-seok’s accomplices, Lien Sang-cheol regretted a phone call.

The person who called Lien Shangzhe was Bai Xixing’s father, Bai Manyou, who bought back information about the accomplice at twice the price and told the other party that Du Xianxiu had secretly colluded with the police.

Lian Shangzhe’s men who stayed beside him were burly and powerful, and Du Xianxiu was no opponent at all. Soon, Do Hyun Soo was beaten by the opponent with no power to fight back, and tied his hands to the door handle. Even if Lien Sang-chul believed that Du Xian-su was bound to die, no matter how the other party asked him, he did not give out information about the accomplice, and deliberately induced Du Hyun-su to doubt the people around him.

At the same time, with Cha Zhiyuan’s insistence, she and the police successfully rescued several hostages based on the location where Jin Maozhen reported. Choi Jaebian was also soft-hearted at the last minute and offered Cha Ji-won one night, which was enough for her to help Do Hyun-soo escape.

Du Haixiu, who was investigating alone, also worked hard to find Bai Manyou’s home. The green bracelet is a souvenir from the overseas medical volunteers of Baimanyou Hospital. Du Haixiu thought that the accomplice had been a volunteer, so he came to seek help, hoping that Baimanyou could provide the list and photos of all the volunteers.

Du Haixiu simply thought that Bai Manyou was a good person who had been helping Du Haixiu, but he didn’t know that their family was the most dangerous existence. The accomplice is a man who has short nails and loves to bite his fingers. Du Haixiu easily confessed the information he had learned, but he didn’t know. At this moment, Bai Xixing, who loves to bite his fingers, was looking through the crack of the door behind him, nervously. Watch her.

After Du Haixiu left, Kong Meici was deeply disturbed. Seeing the more and more troubles, Bai Manyou couldn’t help but slapped Bai Xixing’s habit of biting his fingers. Bai Xixing never concealed it, but she grieved and cried out how he was threatened by Du Min-seok and how he had to submit to protect his parents’ lives. This is different from the appearance that he wants to personally finish it. It is also because of his relationship with Lian Shangzhe. This phone call accidentally ran into Do Hyun-soo.

Du Hyun-soo was bound with his hands and unable to escape, and the sound of an alarm outside the door led Lian Shangzhe away. It turned out that Jin Maozhen heard from the bug that Du Xianxiu was exposed, so he dared to come to rescue him, but his power was limited. When attracting the other party to the parking lot, Jin Maozhen could only hide in Tibet. By the way, he opened the live broadcast to ask for help. Finally, the police arrived in time. And get back a life.

Just as Yeom Sang Cheol was preparing to burn Do Hyun-soo together with the criminal evidence, Cha Ji-won’s arrival gave Do Hyun-soo a respite. But Cha Zhiyuan is a woman after all, not Lian Shangzhe’s opponent at all. When she was pinched by the neck, she was about to suffocate to death.

Seeing this, Du Xianxiu didn’t know where to get the power, so he broke the doorknob and kicked Lian Shangzhe away. He turned into a beast and beat Lian Shangzhe like a beast when he heard the tape recorder was interrupted. The blood spray did not stop. If Cha Zhiyuan stopped in time, Lian Shangzhe would be killed on the spot.

The police had already arrived. Before that, Bai Xixing had already responded to Cha Zhiyuan’s request and fled first. Do Hyun-soo knows very well that once he leaves, he will always lose Cha Ji-won and his cherished home. Maybe Du Hyun-soo still doesn’t understand why Cha Zhi-won would choose to help herself when she knew she was cheated. He didn’t understand why he was so heartbroken, but his love was half true.

Do Hyun-soo called Cha Ji-won over and over again until the other person appeared in front of him. This time, Do Hyun-soo didn’t want to flee again, no matter what the result might be tomorrow, a single sentence of “going home” was enough to express all his feelings. Cha Zhiyuan has always believed that even if Xianxiu didn’t understand it, since she met each other, every behavior of this man in front of her was proof of loving her.

Time will not stop moving because of their love, the sun is coming as expected, and Cui Jaechang’s phone rang at the same time. Du Hyun-soo, who had been sleeping well all night, woke up and calmly faced all the unknown with Cha Ji-won. They clasped their fingers and came to Choi Jae-Ban.

What they didn’t know was that the arrested Lian Shangzhe took advantage of the carelessness of the guarding police to kill the opponent, snatch the key to the handcuffs, and fled the hospital. Lian Shangzhe’s escape made the possibility of Du Xianxiu’s innocence even smaller.

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