Flower of Evil Episode 12

When Kong Meici was cleaning up the bed for her son, she accidentally found a box under the mattress with a photo of the victim, everyone’s thumb and nail, and a blood-stained dagger, which really frightened her.

Flower of Evil Episode 12

The terrified Kong Meici was seeking Bai Manyou’s help, but he witnessed Bai Xixing trying to bury the knocked out Du Xianxiu alive. The successive blows and fears caused Kong Meici to stabbed his parents and children, but the appearance of Bai Xixing’s calm down was even more chilling. Today, Kong Meici shouldn’t be at home, but this dramatic coincidence changed the course of the whole thing.

Back then, the people in the village were like demons, torturing Do Hyun-soo in the name of exorcising them, leading him to be troubled by the demons and believe that he was possessed by the demons. Since then, he has often hallucinated and was killed by Domin-seok. Entangled. Everyone abandoned their brothers and sisters, including Jin Maozhen, who loved Du Haixiu so much. This was a pain Du Haixiu could not let go of in his life.

Cui Zaibian waited at the door of Du Haixiu’s and his wife’s house, using recording as a reward for their coffee treat. Cui Jaebian discovered that all evidence about the murder of the chieftain would be destroyed, but he left a schoolbag proving Du Xianxiu’s identity on the conspicuous riverside, and there was a murder weapon in it, which was obviously intentional. Cui Zaibian understands what happened, and no longer wants to embarrass the suffering brother and sister.

Although Du Xianxiu could not recover his true identity, he could finally walk in the sun. Seeing Bai Enxia, ??he cried like a child again. Life is always going on, and Cha Zhiyuan also made up his mind to resign. Although escape from all difficulties can not solve the problem, it is an extravagant desire to be stable for life.

Do Hyun-soo does not want Cha Ji-won to collapse because he is worried about his safety. He can only conceal the fact that Bai Man-woo wants to kill him. He secretly plans with Choi Jae-chang, once again using his own thief bait to catch Lien Sang-cheol. , To lure the accomplices behind the scenes, but Du Hyun-soo did not fail to inform Choi Jae-chang that the person who wanted to buy his life was Bai Manyou.

Do Hae-soo wants to surrender to Cha Ji-won, but is stopped by the other party. For Cha Ji-won, Do Hyun-soo is no longer a child who needs her sister to stand in front to help explain, but an adult who needs to be respected and trusted. people. Cha Zhiyuan doesn’t want Bai Xixing to be guilty of murder in the first half of his life, and guilt in the second half of his life. For both siblings, Du Haixiu is the best choice to live his life with a sense of debt.

No matter how Du Hyun-soo concealed it, Cha Ji-won learned from Lien Sang-chul that someone wanted to buy Du Hyun-soo’s life. Just as Do Hyun-soo expected, Cha Zhi-won almost collapsed when she heard the news. Her identity as a policeman made her calm, but as a wife, she was overwhelmed by the worry in her heart.

Do Hyun-soo confessed all the details and life trivialities that had deceived Cha Ji-won, but these were not what she wanted to hear. Obviously he is such a good person, but because of the faults of his father and sister, he can only hide his identity and stay forever. This makes Cha Zhiyuan, who loves Du Xianxiu extremely distressed and wronged. Both Cha Ji-won and Do Hyun-soo are fully prepared and will face it together no matter how difficult the road ahead is.

Compared with the ears that cannot hear, the eyes that cannot see are equally important. It turns out that Park Soon-young can read lips, which makes her very scared of Bai Hee-sung’s self-talk, and therefore reveals flaws. Park Soon Young felt the danger signal, but she was greedy and wanted to threaten Kong Mi Ci with the secrets of the Bai family, so as to get money. No one knew that Bai Xixing could stand up long ago, which caused Pu Shunying to lose his life because of her greed and carelessness.

Continually killing people will obviously only bring trouble. Bai Manyou knows very well that this relative in front of him is pulling them into hell simultaneously, but he has to sink deep into it. In order to deal with the aftermath, Bai Xixing came up with a plan of killing three birds with one stone. It could get rid of the vampire-like Lian Shangzhe, the threatening Du Hyun-soo, and the corpses of Park Soon-young.

At the same time, Du Xianxiu also deliberately borrowed Bai Manyou’s personal villa, and Bai Manyou would disclose this information to Lian Shangzhe, which was within his expectation. As a policeman, Cha Zhiyuan has emergency arrest authority, and she is bound to go with Bai Xixing. A cat and mouse game, who wins and who loses…

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