Flower of Evil Episode 13

At the end of the summer of 1997, Bai Xixing stood on the balcony and killed a passing pet dog with a brick indifferently, deceiving everyone with tears of bewilderment and guilt. Therefore, it was the first time that Baek Hee Sung, who underwent psychological investigation, met To Min Suk, the only person who could understand and see through his heart.

Flower of Evil Episode 13

Du Xianxiu deliberately asked to borrow Bai Manyou’s villa. Once Lian Shangzhe went to kill someone, the accomplice would only be Bai Manyou, the only insider. However, when Cui Zaiban, who was ambushing outside, arrested him, he was just a gardener, and Lian Shangzhe was not seen at all.

Seeing that Do Hyun-soo received the call that the operation failed, Bai Man-yu immediately turned back to the client and asked Cha Zhi-won as a policeman for his own personal suspicion. But obviously, just as Bai Man-woo thought, it is impossible for Do Hyun-soo to easily dispel his doubts about him because of this failure.

The failure of this operation was as early as Bai Xixing expected. He heard that Lien Shangzhe had hinted that someone would kill Du Xianxiu, so he immediately stopped the assassination. After all, the chance to kill him was Du Xianxiu himself. To Bai Manyou, this has to be suspicious.

Bai Xixing pulled the switch secretly, Bai Manyou protected Bai Xixing from going out on the grounds of repairing the circuit, and spilled Park Shunying’s hair in the trunk of Do Hyunxiu’s car. Kong Mi-ci, who had deliberately wanted to light a candle, suddenly scattered the things on the ground. Du Hyun-soo subconsciously helped to clean it up, and she fell into their trap without realizing it.

Cha Zhiyuan’s instinct as a policeman always felt something was wrong. Suddenly, she suddenly realized that after the power outage, Bai Manyou and his wife had no worries at all, and Bai Xixing, who had to rely on machines to maintain his life. However, the lights turned on again, and Bai Manyou bluntly said that the machine had a spare battery, and temporarily fooled Cha Zhiyuan over.

In the middle of the night, Du Xianxiu took the initiative to find out the source of the call due to an implied threatening call, which was a public phone at the end of the road at the end of the road. When Do Hyun-soo rushed, he happened to take a photo of the suspect’s dash cam, but he had to give up because the owner was away. In addition, all Do Hyun-soo got was the provocative message left by Baek Hee Sung in the phone booth.

The next day, the police found Pu Shunying’s body on the wild mountain in Weimendong. The corpse’s left thumb was missing, and both hands were tied up with tape. It was the tape that Do Hyun-soo picked up for Kong Mi-ci. In addition, Bai Xixing calculated that Do Hyun-soo would find the address of the phone booth and rushed to him immediately. Do Hyun-soo had been in the doorway that night and left fingerprints on the tape that bound the body.

When Du Xianxiu learned the news from Jin Maozhen and wanted to commit danger again, he took the initiative to contact Lian Shangzhe in order to induce accomplices. Who knows, he knew that Zheng Meishu was still in personnel affairs. It turned out that Lian Shangzhe brought back Zheng Meishu, who had lost all his memory, from the mental hospital. This was when Zheng Meishu happened to receive a call from Du Xianxiu while going to the toilet.

At the same time, Cha Zhiyuan Lenovo Bai Enxia had questioned where her father was going late at night. Unable to restrain her suspicion, she got Du Xianxiu’s fingerprints, which proved that they were completely consistent with the fingerprints on the tape that bound the corpse, and had to reluctantly personally. Arrest the beloved husband.

The moment the cold handcuffs touched Do Hyun-soo, he felt that the person he cared most had lost trust in him, and Do Min-seok’s words rang in his ears again. Not long ago, Do Hyun-soo’s mother loved Domin-seok’s illusion, and when the cruel reality was stripped naked, she chose to turn her back. Today, Cha Ji-won’s distrust has made Do Hyun-soo more convinced that no one is worthy of trust, and no one will trust him.

When Choi Zaibian had to report the truth to his superiors and rushed to Cha Zhiyuan’s house together, no one was seen. From the monitor’s point of view, only Do Hyun-soo was holding a small knife on Cha Ji-won’s neck and threatening him to unplug the monitor.

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