Flower of Evil Episode 14

Do Hyun-soo threatened Cha Ji-won with a dagger to remove the surveillance camera, just to prevent her from being implicated as a victim. Cha Zhiyuan couldn’t accept that her husband had put a dagger on her neck, and she wanted to arrest Do Hyun-soo only because she couldn’t think of a safer place than the police station.

Flower of Evil Episode 14

Do Hyun-soo was already saddened by Cha Ji-won’s distrust, and he took it for granted. Cha Zhi-won can see for the first time that this is a stopgap measure not to affect her, and will naturally feel sad after disappointment.

There was the sound of a police car coming from outside, and Do Hyun-soo and Cha Ji-won’s hands were tied together by handcuffs, and there was no chance of escape. When the police rushed in, they didn’t see the two of them. Cui Jaebian could clearly see through the monitor that the wardrobe was dirty, but in the end he couldn’t see the truth.

It turned out that Cha Ji-won and Do Hyun-soo hid in the gap behind the closet, and they secretly escaped through the back door while the policeman was not paying attention. Do Hyun-soo hopes to find out the real culprit in one day, but Cha Ji-won is unwilling to open the handcuffs. It is her last compromise that she wants to investigate together. The husband and wife first found the hotel to check in, and after talking to each other, they understood their pains and embraced each other.

Kong Meici took the initiative to confess, assisting Do Hyun-soo in hiding as Bai Xixing for fifteen years, and hinting that the assailant was Do Hyun-soo. This matter quickly fermented under the interference of the media, and the police investigation was also under tremendous pressure. Faced with the inquiry from the superior, Li Yuzhe had clearly seen obedience, but he still chose to help Cha Zhiyuan conceal the truth of her long known love.

Lien Shangzhe used Zheng Meishu to threaten Bai Xixing to prepare a huge sum of money. It turned out that Bai Xixing accidentally exposed his flaws, and Du Minxi threatened him to pretend to accidentally kill Zheng Meishu and surrendered to the police. For some reason, Zheng Meishu finally fell into the hands of Lian Shangzhe, but when Bai Xixing reached a cooperation with him, he bumped into Du Xianxiu who rushed out of the road, causing things to gradually get out of control.

In order to catch the accomplice, Do Hyun-soo deliberately escaped to send a signal in order to gain the trust of Lian Shangzhe and cooperate with him. During the call, Do Hyun-soo deliberately induced Lian Shangzhe to give testimony sufficient to prove his innocence. As soon as Cha Ji-won saved the recording, Do Hyun-soo was once again tied to the room with handcuffs. He couldn’t let his beloved person be contaminated with a little bit of sewage.

Hotel staff called the police when they found out. Cha Zhiyuan secretly returned to the police station and reported the recording and thoughts to Director Jiang and others. Director Jiang was deceived by Bai Manyou and proactively informed Cha Zhiyuan of his situation. Cha Zhiyuan, who has not yet known, is devoting himself to the investigation, and successfully obtained the vehicle’s dash cam next to the telephone booth in Weimendong.

The fact that Do Hyun-soo became a fugitive again has been fully exposed, and Do Hae-soo is disappointed again by Jin Maozhen’s timidity and evasion. Du Haixiu moved back to her original residence alone, but found a man peeping at her outside the door, and Cui Zaichang, who had been guarding Du Haixiu’s door, happened to arrest her. It turned out that this man had been secretly present in Duhai. The reporter beside Xiu.

Because Cha Zhiyuan’s mother was unable to accept the mutation and was hospitalized with a sudden illness, Cha Zhiyuan happened to entrust Bai Enxia who was unattended to Du Haixiu. Du Haixiu’s clothes were damaged due to the previous pull. Cha Zhiyuan gave her her coat out of kindness, and hoped that the day the matter was over, the family could sit together and enjoy a peaceful time.

Du Haixiu didn’t know that the danger was coming, and after accepting Jin Maozhen’s okay, he refused the other party’s request for accompany. Du Haixiu alone brought Bai Enxia back to the sealed home to pick up clothes, but suddenly heard movement outside the door. When she went out and saw the dark figure sitting on the sofa, the memory instantly coincided with the day of the Duminxi memorial ceremony.

Du Haixiu locked the door to ensure the safety of Bai Enxia, ??and when he heard Bai Xixing calling her Cha Zhiyuan, he deliberately hung the police position badge that Cha Zhiyuan accidentally put on her coat on her chest. Du Haixiu knew very well that the accomplice in front of him was here to kill Cha Zhiwon and kill Cha Jiwon. The only thing she can repay to Du Hyunxiu is to protect his lover for her younger brother.

Cha Zhiyuan’s job card was accidentally broken before, and the original appearance is not visible at all. Bai Xixing cut off the job card and took it away, convinced that the dying woman in front of him was Cha Zhiyuan. He learned from Bai Manyou that Cha Ji-won still believes in Do Hyun-soo’s innocence, and has obtained favorable evidence, and has given birth to the intention of secretly killing her.

When the dagger was inserted into Du Haixiu’s body, she recalled her younger brother and Jin Maozhen when she was a teenager. She had the purest happy time, and her consciousness gradually dissipated in such beautiful memories.

On the other side, Lian Shangzhe, who was struggling with whom to cooperate, learned the truth from Zheng Meishu’s mouth. Domin-seok did not commit suicide, but Baek Hee-sung pretended to surrender Domin-seok, but after the other party slack off, he took the opportunity to brutally kill Domin-seok from behind with a stone. This truth shocked Lian Shangzhe and realized more clearly that cooperating with Bai Xixing is tantamount to seeking a tiger’s skin.

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