Flower of Evil Episode 15

When Jin Maozhen was looking forward to Du Hyun-soo’s house, looking for Du Hae-soo, everything in front of him beat him to pieces. Du Haixiu was admitted to the hospital for life and death uncertain. Cha Zhiyuan saw the unharmed Bai Enxia and knew that she was to protect her child and did not choose to resist.

Flower of Evil Episode 15

According to the surveillance at the door of Bai’s house, the police found that Park Shunying took a taxi home by herself at night and ordered takeaway at home. After a close investigation, it was discovered that the staff in charge of delivering the meal knocked on the door and got a response from the woman in the room. Choi Jaebian clearly remembers that Park Shunying is deaf and mute, which also means that someone deliberately pretended to be Park Shunying.

In addition, it was clearly photographed in the dash cam that a mysterious man deliberately called to seduce Do Hyun-soo, and the call record and location were not bad. Cha Zhiyuan quickly thought that the murderer had made such an omission at every step, coupled with the fact that someone helped the murderer, pretending that Park Soonyoung came out of the Bai’s house, he must have been in a coma for fifteen years and did not know that he had a driving recorder.

After Cha Zhiyuan inferred the truth, he immediately called to inform Jin Maozhen, who was asking for a list of volunteers in Bai’s house, to leave as soon as possible. But when Jin Maozhen learned everything, he looked for the trail of Bai Xixing in the whole house despite the danger, until he saw the empty hospital bed, he was even more convinced that what Cha Zhiyuan said was true.

Bai Manyyou had no choice, and once again picked up the syringe to kill others. He just wanted to give his perverted son one last chance to change himself. Jin Maozhen doesn’t care about the danger. He understands the feelings of Bai Manyou and his wife, just as he inadvertently broke into the secret room of Tomin Seok back then. He deceived himself for more than ten years, but he knew that the person in the sack could never become an elk.

Bai Manyou felt extremely sad. In fact, he didn’t know that Bai Xixing was a perverted person from his bones, and he didn’t understand that the ending was already doomed, but his beloved child was eager but powerless. Jin Maozhen stopped Bai Manyou who wanted to commit suicide and left. This was the first time he was brave for love.

After Jin Maozhen’s pain, his mind is clear, he hopes to be brave once, fulfill his wish for Du Haixiu and find an accomplice. He can’t wait to come to Bai Manyou’s house,

Bai Xixing came to Duminxi’s old house with the cash he had prepared, and he was enjoying the familiar smell, and he missed everything in the basement. Lian Shangzhe has always had the habit of smelling money. Bai Xixing deliberately sprinkled rat poison powder on every wad of cash. When Lian Shangzhe went through the money and listened to it, the nosebleeds immediately heralded his death soon.

Lian Shangzhe felt a strange body, took the money and fled the scene, but fell to the ground the moment he went out, no longer breathing. Bai Xixing, who had obtained the key, had the smile of a winner, and wanted to take the “trophies”, but was unable to open his breath and became mentally disordered.

Du Xianxiu, who had been hiding in the dark, raided from behind and suppressed Bai Xixing to the ground, making the opponent vomit blood. Bai Xixing, who was so painful that he couldn’t bear it, could only use his identity and secrets in exchange for Du Xianxiu’s curiosity, and escaped the fate of being beaten.

Do Hyun-soo tied Baek Hee-sung to a chair. He wanted to call the police with Baek Hee-sung’s phone, but he saw Cha Ji-won’s blood-stained job badge. The police announced Cha Ji-won’s death for consideration from various sources. When Do Hyun-soo listened to Bai Hee-sung’s murder, Cha Ji-won’s unanswered call, and the police confirmed Cha Ji-won’s death, completely lost his mind.

Whether Du Xianxiu called the police or killed someone, Bai Xixing readily accepted. He thought he was destined to win the game, but Du Xianxiu’s desire to torture slowly made him feel fear. When Baek Hee-sung rebelled, Zheng Mi-sook hugged Du Hyun-soo tightly, so he was able to escape temporarily.

When Cha Zhiyuan came to Bai Manyou’s house and learned that the strange number of the call was Bai Xixing and not a reporter, then he realized that it was Du Xianxiu. When Cha Zhiyuan called back again, the person who answered the phone became Zheng Meishu, and because of this call, the police learned of the location of Bai Xixing.

At this time, Du Xianxiu, like a cat catching a mouse, teased Bai Xixing. He took the initiative to let the other party escape with a single cut. Bai Xixing, who was mentally abnormal, suddenly realized that the man in front of him was the real lunatic. The two chased and fled, and when they came to the edge of the cliff, Du Xianxiu easily put the Bai Xixing system under him.

Just when Do Hyun-soo raised his sword and wanted to end Bai Xixing, he said “Honey”, preventing the dagger from falling. Do Hyun-soo looked at Cha Ji-won in disbelief, and then at Do Min-seok who was not far away. He could see the dead, and he couldn’t be sure whether Cha Ji-won in front of him really existed.

Painfully torturing these two lovers, Du Hyun-soo finally listened to Cha Ji-won’s persuasion, got up and dropped the dagger, and slowly approached her lover. But at the moment when he was about to embrace, two gunshots made Du Xianxiu unconscious after being shot in the head, and Bai Xixing who shot was also shot by Lin Haojun.

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