Flower of Evil Episode 16

With the death of Bai Xixing, the homicide that had been in dust for many years also revealed the truth. I thought that Do Hyun-soo was shot in the head with just a bruise, and once he woke up, he could resume his normal life, but his amnesia became the source of Cha Ji-won’s pain. The beloved couple sat opposite each other. Cha Zhiyuan was used to call Bai Xixing, but this name was very strange to Du Hyun-soo, which made him feel that everything was just a scam made by himself.

Flower of Evil Episode 16

Due to the murder of the chief, Do Hae-soo accepted a public trial. The prosecutors used Do Hyun-soo to deceive Cha Ji-won for more than ten years, confirming that he was a person who had no emotions and was very good at disguising, and that they had no witnesses, which led to the fact that things did not happen. smoothly.

In fact, they have long been able to respond to the prosecutor’s questions, but Hyun Soo doesn’t know why. Every time he meets Cha Ji Won’s eyes, his mind becomes blank, but in that moment, his memory It seemed to be back, but the current Do Hyun-soo couldn’t catch it.

Cui Zaiban has also been working hard for Du Haixiu’s case. He wondered why the population in the village was like a gang. Such a thought suddenly reminded Cui Zaibian of a testimony, perhaps his nephew Liang Zhentai could turn the situation around.

According to Liang Zhentai’s confession, the chief clerk used the illegally obtained money to be washed away by the way of Domin Seok’s inheritance and used Do Hyunsu as a scapegoat. Cha Ji-won can’t wait to rush to Liang Jintai’s residence with Do Hyun-soo, unknowingly, as if going back in time, calling Do Hyun-soo dear.

At the door of Liang Jintai’s house, the other party repented just like Do Hyun-soo guessed, but Cha Ji-won did not want to give up. They waited outside, the sky was lightly raining, and Du Hyun-soo looked at Cha Ji-won in front of him, unconsciously smiling happily, but instantly felt that it was dangerous.

They finally waited for Liang Zhentai and finally knew the truth. All the past sufferings were because Liang Zhentai was spreading rumors, just to get the tuition promised by the head of the city. Du Hyun-soo can see that Liang Jintai is really condemning himself. He deliberately pretends to forgive. Because of persecution and threats, it is far better to let the other party’s conscience be condemned, and the effect is better.

Cha Ji-won mistakenly believed that Do Hyun-soo’s forgiveness was a genuine kindness and letting go. When Do Hyun-soo would analyze himself in front of Cha Ji-won, the lost and helpless look in his eyes deeply hurt him. .

Although Do Hyun-soo has amnesia, his life of more than ten years is still carved deep in his body, and his feelings for Cha Ji-won have not disappeared. But for Do Hyun-soo, Cha Ji-won is just looking for another person’s shadow in him, and this person makes Do Hyun-soo disgusted. Do Hyun-soo doesn’t know how long this relationship can last, and is even more afraid that when Cha Ji-won sees the essence, he will accept the dark heart.

Do Hyun-soo has not been able to be free and truly live as himself. Until now, Cha Ji-won wants to let go, let her beloved go after herself, and let herself go. Do Hyun Soowei had already returned the ring to Cha Zhiwon. He told himself that it was just because a ring with the right weight could be made with better craftsmanship without slipping, but the fingers were hurt everywhere, which proved that the ring is irreplaceable.

Do Hyun-soo visited Bai Manyou, who was already delirious, and there was no way to get the answer he wanted. Do Hyun-soo can only find Kong Mi-ci again, because only they know more about Do Hyun-soo in fifteen years. Kong Mi-chi believes so firmly that Do Hyun-soo truly loves Cha Ji-won, which makes Do Hyun-soo feel deeply shocked.

Hae-soo, who was convicted of not guilty, decided to leave Korea and start again. Maybe she and Jin Moo-jin still need some time, but if the two are willing, even if they are far apart, they will not be able to completely separate the two destined. Between each other, a phone call, as I miss, I always want to approach.

Do Hyun-soo restarts his journey. When he gets lost, he returns to the original point, and he may reap the rewards. He unknowingly walked through the place where Cha Ji-won was dating for the first time. He was curious.

Do Hyun-soo is looking for a new house to live in, every request of his is exactly the same as his previous home, as if he wanted to go home. It happened that Cha Zhiwon was also planning to leave South Korea and needed to rent out the house. The two met again. Maybe the memory will be forgotten, but love will never disappear. Do Hyun-soo starts to wonder who Cha Ji-won is looking for.

The new sun rises, Cha Ji-won is smiling, and Du Hyun-soo will laugh. This time, he is loving his wife with his own identity, and she also loves the real Du Hyun-soo. When Do Hyun-soo heard that Bai Enxia called his father, the feeling of holding his daughter was aroused again, and he would live happily in the future.

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