Flower of Evil Episode 2

Bai Xixing and Cha Zhiyuan met in the summer of 2006, flirting with each other, or falling in love at first sight, goodbye to love, a few years have passed.

Flower of Evil Episode 2

Early in the morning, Bai Xixing got up and practiced a happy smile in front of the mirror, from brows and eyes to expression lines, until he was completely disguised, before he started to make breakfast. Cha Zhiyuan could see her beloved husband making breakfast when she got up. Her smile was exactly the same as in the video. Only then did Bai Xixing know that she should have such a smile at this moment.

Cha Zhiyuan had nowhere to help, and her daughter was disgusted by her clumsy hands. She wanted to go downstairs to clean the studio for Bai Xixing, but found a teapot fragment in it. Cha Zhiyuan knew very well that this teapot was Bai Xixing’s favorite, and it was not something that he would use easily.

Flower of Evil

If it is a guest who does not like it, Bai Xixing will entertain him with cold water, intending to rush the guests, and if he wants to have a deep chat, he will treat him with hot tea. Even Bai Xixing himself hadn’t noticed this habit, but Cha Zhiyuan knew it very well.

Cha Zhiyuan was curious to ask who the customer was. Bai Xixing was already a little unnatural, and he stumbled in his answer. If the person in front of him is not his beloved husband, I believe that Cha Zhiyuan, a policeman, will find an abnormality, but right now, she has been in front of her. The man’s happy smile was blinded.

Somewhere in the house, the body of an old woman was found with her thumb nails removed, which has the same characteristics as the serial homicide case in Lianzhou in 2002. There were no strangulations on the neck and neck of the corpse. The rope was just an illusion. In fact, it was caused by multiple contusions that caused excessive blood loss and death, and there was permanent damage to the ankle.

After investigation, in the serial homicide case in Lianzhou, the victim’s neck was not a rope, but a certain brand of dog rope. The ankle injury was not a fracture, but a rupture of the Achilles tendon. The scene is exactly the same as Jin Maozhen’s report about the serial homicide that year. Obviously, the murderer mimicked the murder according to the description in the report, but did not know the real details.

Perhaps the murderer wanted to disrupt the audiovisual, disguising a motive and premeditated homicide as a random homicide without motive. But what makes Cha Ji-won think about it carefully is why the murderer has to imitate Domin-seok with so many serial murders.

The lipstick on the thumb of the corpse showed up after the blood was oxidized. During Choi Jaebian’s investigation, Park Se-young learned that the deceased Zheng Wenyu had signed a will to leave all the inheritance to the orphanage, which was enough to become the motive for his son An Jong-jiu’s murder.

The will was taken back to the police station. Cha Zhiyuan, who was as careful as dust, recognized at a glance that Zheng Wenyu’s fingerprint was not inkpad, but lipstick. The deceased did not wear makeup, and the elevator monitoring showed that after leaving Zheng Wenyu’s house, Park Shiying deliberately wore the coat back, probably because her clothes were stained with blood.

Soon, Cui found the murder weapon and the nails of the deceased on the balcony of the building where the deceased lived. The reason why Park Se Young imitated To Min Suk was only because he was worried that Jung Moon Ok’s nails contained his own DNA, and had to pull out his nails before choosing to imitate To Min Suk to kill. The only thing that makes Cha Ji-won unacceptable is that Park Se-young killed Zheng Moon-ok just because he didn’t want to climb the stairs every day.

While Cha Zhiyuan was investigating the murder, Bai Xixing immediately closed the store door, went to the secret room on the first floor, and tore off the tape on Jin Maozhen’s mouth. Even if the man in front of him begged for mercy and wept, shivered, and his hands and feet were bloody due to excessive struggle, Bai Xixing could not empathize with him. Moreover, Jin Maozhen had bullied him when he was young. Bai Xixing confessed that he was the murderer back then, let Jin Maozhen understand that he never thought of letting go of his own life.

Jin Maozhen’s diary revealed Nam Soon Gil’s name. Due to the long-term lack of water, he had to compromise with Bai Xixing. Nam Soon Gil will report to him about Du Xianxiu today. Bai Xixing came to the agreed place and looked at the restless Nam Soonji from a distance. He pretended to be Jin Maozhen on the phone and tried to extract information from the other party.

Back then, Du Hyun-soo, who was wanted, had been living with Nam Soon Gil for three years. Later, because the other party was short of money, he wanted to kill someone for money. Recently, Nam Soon Gil was threatened by a phone call. He naturally believed that the other party was Du Hyun-soo’s revenge. As everyone knows, since Du Hyun-soo changed his name and became Baek Hee-soo, he has never been taken seriously.

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