Flower of Evil Episode 3

In 2007, Bai Xixing watched Cha Zhiyuan come to his workshop again. He could not feel or understand what such closeness meant. Cha Zhiyuan wanted to know more thoughts because he liked it, so Bai Xixing mistakenly thought she was following someone’s investigation. Until Cha Zhiyuan took the initiative to confess, it made Bai Xixing a little at a loss, and her words severely rejected her thousands of miles away.

Flower of Evil Episode 3

Bai Xixing went home in a raincoat, just as cold as when he refused Cha Zhiyuan back then, only when the rain cap was taken off did he return to his usual warm face. Cha Zhiyuan’s confession was the first time that someone proactively showed a close and liking to Bai Xixing, but his bewildered refusal failed to prevent the development of this fate.

The murder case reappeared, Nam Soon Ji failed to escape death after all. The surveillance showed that the murderer was wearing the same raincoat as Bai Xixing. Different from the disguise of the previous homicide, the death of the deceased has exactly the same characteristics as the serial homicide, which makes the police have to suspect that Tomin-seok really committed the crime again.

Flower of Evil

According to what Jin Maozhen said, Bai Xixing went to his home computer to check the video and found that he was cheated, and Cha Zhiyuan came to his house because Nam Soonji’s last call was Jin Maozhen, and happened to block Bai Xixing in the room. At the same time, Jin Maozhen took the opportunity to smash the glass to cut off the tie, but the secret room could only be opened from the outside, and he had to wait for the opportunity.

Cha Zhiyuan entered the room and did not see anyone, but the warm computer and the potted plants falling from the balcony made her discover the abnormality. The sun gradually sank, causing Bai Xixing’s figure to disappear from the curtains. It turned out that he had been hanging outside the balcony.

It was difficult for Bai Xixing to maintain the status quo, causing an abnormal noise, which attracted Cha Zhiyuan. Just when the other party was about to open the curtains, a ringing of the phone relieved him. It turned out that Bai Xixing deliberately called Cha Zhiyuan and told Jin Maozhen to be with him, and then use his own cold to divert the other’s attention, and this escaped.

Bai Xixing returned to the dungeon and was almost attacked. However, Jin Maozhen, who was not his opponent, had been imprisoned for several days and was even more invincible. What’s more, Bai Xixing has already found the real hiding place of the video in Jin Maozhen’s home. Although the details are not shown, it seems that this video is enough to ruin him, and the consequences are no less than that of Bai Xixing’s criminal arrest.

The two reached a cooperation agreement, and they have nothing to do with each other. Who knows that when they were about to go out, they met Cha Zhiyuan, who had come back early because of concerns about Bai Xixing. Jin Maozhen saw Bai Xixing’s seamless disguise, he was funny and indefatigable, and finally had no choice but to help.

Jin Maozhen came to the police station to be investigated. He was vague in his description of Du Xianxiu and temporarily fooled him. Although the police saw that he looked abnormal, he had to let him go.

When Jin Maozhen learned from the editor-in-chief that Nam Shunji had died at three o’clock in the morning, he recalled that it was Bai Xixing who was confronting him, only to realize that the murderer was someone else. Jin Maozhen suddenly felt that an exclusive report was waving at him, and he was thinking about it.

According to Cha Ji-won’s investigation, after Do Hyun-soo’s disappearance, Nam Soon-gil suddenly owned 10 million, and the two had worked in the same store, and the restaurant’s signature dishes were exactly the same as Bai Xixing’s The rice cracker soup, but this little detail, did not make Cha Zhiyuan too concerned.

Bai Xixing looked at herself in the mirror, and the scars under her collarbone were still clear, bringing his memory back to the rainy night of fighting with Nan Shunji. Bai Xixing suppressed Nan Shunji to the ground, and when he looked up, a man with all black pupils was squatting on the ground, staring at them. Then he let him go and ran away in a hurry.

The arrival of Jin Maozhen interrupted Bai Xixing’s thoughts and learned of the details of Nam Soon Gil’s death, and Du Minxi’s killer tactics reappeared, and the serial murders of the year have once again entered the public eye. Bai Xixing needs to calm down, and Jin Maozhen needs fame and fortune, which forces them to cooperate again to catch the murderer.

Seeing news reports, Kong Meici slapped Bai Xixing’s face with a slap in the face, and seemed very angry about it, and regretted letting him have the status of a relative. At the same time, Bai Manyou also returned home and opened the secret room in the closet. Inside was a medical room, and the person on the bed who relied on medical equipment for his life was the real Bai Xixing.

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