Flower of Evil Episode 4

Cha Zhiyuan paid the price of not harassing Baek Hee Sung for a period of time, in exchange for the first date. Seeing Cha Ji-won with a happy smile in front of him, Bai Xixing didn’t consciously show a rare smile, but this beautiful moment disappeared when he saw Du Min-seok.

Flower of Evil Episode 4

The police are still investigating Nam Soon Gil’s death, and the suspect is locked as Do Hyun Soo, so Do Hae Soo, his only relative, will naturally be investigated. Do Hae-soo, who seems to be living peacefully, puts down his work and agrees to meet Cha Ji-won, but the conversation between the two is not pleasant.

Obviously, for so many years, Do Hae-soo has been annoyed by various media and police because of Do Min-seok and Do Hyun-soo’s affairs. In her words, it is revealed that she still feels sorry for her brother, which is obviously unreasonable. As usual, when a relative who has not seen each other in more than ten years turns his life into a mess, even if there is no hatred, it is absolutely impossible to have such distressed emotions. Perhaps what happened back then was not as simple as it seemed. .

In the evening, Bai Xixing had just returned to the bedroom and was slightly startled by Cha Zhiyuan, who was holding the raincoat, but soon returned to his normal expression and put on the raincoat cooperatively. It turned out that Cha Zhiyuan has never understood that even if he is familiar with a husband and wife, it is impossible to recognize it at a glance, let alone a person who has not seen him for many years and wears a mask. How Nam Sun Gil can confirm that the other party is Du Hyun Su.

Cha Zhiyuan couldn’t let go of the investigation at home, but this gave Bai Xixing a chance to talk about it. Tomorrow someone will do the look puzzle of Du Xianxiu. Fortunately, Jin Maozhen is one of them. In fact, Bai Xixing has said the wrong thing. After all, Cha Zhiyuan never told him that Jin Mojin and Do Hyun-soo knew each other, but Cha Zhiyuan, who was in a daze, was fooled by a few words.

With Jin Maozhen messing up the puzzle, it is naturally impossible to spell out the appearance of Bai Xixing, but the general public is also called on on TV to provide information about Du Xianxiu’s photos and other information. Soon, Aunt Fuzi remembered that she had accidentally taken a photo of Do Hyun-soo five years ago, and immediately called the police.

At this time, Bai Xixing was learning how to look sad and regretful, and then disguised as Jin Maozhen to interview the family of the deceased, and learned that Nam Soonji would go home at three o’clock every night and would call the same taxi every time. The reason why Nam Soon Gil identified the murderer as Do Hyun Soo was only because the other party had the same pendant jewelry as Do Hyun Soo.

Jin Maozhen still didn’t give up, trying to use Bai Xixing’s secret, but the other party deleted all the contents of the recorder. The two rushed to the former villages and towns “with peace of mind”. When they arrived, it was late at night. Everything in the village made Bai Xixing involuntarily remember the insults that the villagers had forcibly performed on him.

After arriving at the destination, Jin Maozhen had planned everything. Who knows, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Aunt Fuzi tied to the ground, and he was instantly hit in the back of the head, causing him to coma. Bai Xixing, who was hiding in the courtyard, saw the murderer appear and hurried forward to pursue him. When the murderer Park Qingchun was subdued and asked Zheng Meishu, Bai Xixing obviously didn’t know this woman.

The two agreed that a certain hospitality company would meet, but before Bai Xixing left, Cha Zhiyuan rushed there first, and with a shout, the two began a chase. Bai Xixing ran into a certain warehouse all the way, taking advantage of Cha Zhiyuan not paying attention, immediately wrapped her in a snakeskin bag, grabbed her handcuffs, and subdued her.

Aunt Fu Zi is tied up, and the murderer keeps asking about Du Hyun-soo’s affairs, which is tantamount to confessing that none of this has anything to do with Du Hyun-soo, and Cha Zhi-won also makes a judgment that the murderer is someone else. According to police investigations, Jung Mi-sook was the last victim of Do Min-seok, but the body has never been found, which is why her husband Park Qingchun was crazy and murdered.

Soon, the police found a watch from the warehouse scene. Cha Zhiyuan recognized it at a glance. It was a birthday gift she gave to Bai Xixing. The abbreviation on the strap also confirmed her incredible thoughts. It’s no wonder that when Cha Zhiyuan was covered by a snakeskin bag and the tools on her head dropped, she would be unscathed because it was covered by Bai Xixing. But this truth is something that Cha Zhiyuan cannot accept until a reasonable explanation can be obtained.

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