Flower of Evil Episode 6

Bai Xixing woke up from a deep coma, ignorant of the development of the situation, and unable to control the feeling in his hand, making him full of vigilance about everything in front of him. The sudden arrival of the police made Bai Xixing feel that he would be arrested in the next moment. Regardless of the other’s kindness, he fled in a panic and ran into the coming Cha Zhiyuan.

Flower of Evil Episode 6

Bai Xixing, who was hugged by Cha Zhiyuan, was able to temporarily relax and return to the ward. After Bai Xixing’s heart stopped for seven minutes, the hospital took cryotherapy to save his life by chance. The symptoms of memory confusion that should have appeared did not appear. In Cha Zhiyuan’s heart, Bai Xixing in front of him changed back to his familiar appearance, but he seemed to be different.

Bai Manyou and Kong Mici rushed to the ward and drove away Cha Zhiyuan’s family. Kong Mici was overwhelmed and was almost on the verge of collapse. Park Qingchun, who suffered a serious head injury, could miraculously recover his life and even bodily functions. It’s normal, it’s just that I’ve been in a state of living dead, looking at the ceiling all day, without any reaction. To be foolproof, Bai Manyou had to let Bai Xixing do it, and before Pu Qingchun announced everything, he would shut up forever.

Cha Zhiyuan, who came back alone, was obviously emotionally unstable when facing Bai Xixing alone. She complained of her fear, for fear that she would be the only one in the family in the future, how should she face the future life. Seeing Cha Zhiyuan, who was raining in Ewha, Bai Xixing once again saw his anxious wife next to the pool, but he could never truly feel that mood.

The police investigation has reached a deadlock in Park Qingchun’s state, and Bai Xixing will also be ready for the interrogation when he wakes up. He has already exchanged confessions with Jin Moojin, but Cha Zhiyuan seems to be very afraid of this moment. Suddenly, Cui is changing, forcibly holding the right of interrogation in his hands, aiming at Bai Xixing every sentence, and even lure him into interrogation by interrogating prisoners.

When Choi Jae-Ban was in love with Cha Ji-won, he used to talk to each other like brothers in person, but secretly slandered Bai Hee-sung in front of Cha Ji-won. Such old past events easily made Cui Zaiban lose his offensive stance. When the interrogator returned to Lin Haojun, it couldn’t be easier.

The appearance of Choi Jae-Ban made Baek Hee-sung’s determination to solve Park Qingchun tonight. With the help of Bai Manyou, Bai Xixing disguised as a doctor for Park Qingchun’s dressing change, and successfully made the police officer who watched the night put down his guard and went out to smoke and relax.

Facts have proved that the medical results are not wrong. Park Qingchun has always pretended to escape police interrogation and wait for Bai Xixing’s arrival. These days, Park Qingchun, who was so downhearted, finally figured out the key, and suddenly realized that perhaps Bai Xixing had never deceived him.

Assuming that Baek Hee Sung did not lie, he had been with Domin Seok back then, and when he witnessed Jung Mi-sook being taken into Domin Seok’s car, and did not lie, Domin Seok must have another accomplice. Du Hae-soo gave the wooden sign of Xiaoyu to Du Hyun-soo, so the person who gave the wooden sign to Du Hae-soo must be the one who killed Zheng Meishu.

In the end, Bai Xixing didn’t hurt the killer. Facing Cui Zaichang’s suspicion, it was the perfect way for Park Qingchun to lie for him. However, at this moment, Cha Zhiyuan is smashing open the secret door of the basement of Bai Xixing’s studio to perform blood tests on the basement. The blood produced by Bai Xixing when he kidnapped Jin Maozhen showed blue traces in the darkness.

When Bai Xixing was in a coma, there was a moment of sobriety in the middle of the journey. In confusion, he regarded Cha Zhiyuan as Do Hae-soo and admitted himself to be Do Hyun-soo. But what Cha Zhiyuan needs is never gossip, and she does not believe that a husband who once had flesh and blood will be a cold-blooded killer among the people who have no emotions, and there has never been anyone or evidence that she understands that Hee Sung killed someone. I only believe in what I saw with my own eyes.

Jin Maozhen found Zhang Yingxi, and under his arduous demands, he finally got what he wanted and could do a real interview. The tape recorder that was automatically answered by the landline at the time, Zhang Yingxi was still by her side, and the threatening words in it were a shadow she could not get rid of.

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