Flower of Evil Episode 7

In 2005, Du Hyun-soo, who had not yet become Bai Xixing, woke up from a comfortable bed due to a car accident and looked at the luxurious and empty house in front of him. He did not hesitate to hold the jewelry on the table. Unexpectedly, Bai Manyou and Kong Meici appeared from the closet, and Du Xianxiu looked at them in a panic. Everything had just begun.

Flower of Evil Episode 7

When Bai Xixing came back from the hospital, he became lazy in an unprecedented way. Opened his eyes, his lover’s tenderness was nothing but an illusion. Cha Zhiyuan had been sitting on the bed and staring at him for a long time, as if he wanted to thoroughly see through this man who had been with him for 14 years. Cha Zhiyuan lied without flaws that he would never find the watch he gave to Bai Xixing again, so he had to buy another watch and treat each other in a mask.

Jin Maozhen’s exclusive interview has been circulated in TV news and major networks, and he has also become the most popular reporter. During the interview, the recording from the threat actor caused everyone to guess that Do Hyun-soo was Du Min-seok’s accomplice, and Cha Ji-won, who heard the recording, also guessed that way.

The news is overwhelming, and if the truth about Du Xianxiu’s incarnation as Bai Xixing is exposed, it will obviously also affect Bai Manyou and Kong Meici. For this reason, Bai Manyou warned Bai Xixing for the last time that if he couldn’t hide his identity well, he could only hide in a place where no one could find him.

In front of Cha Zhiyuan, Bai Xixing pretended not to be interested in the recording of the news broadcast, and turned around to listen to it secretly. Bai Xixing knows that it is not himself who threatened others in the recording of the phone call. He also seems to have heard some clues in this recording. Unfortunately, when he asked for help from Jin Maozhen, he was sternly rejected and could not be trusted by anyone. , Bai Xixing felt deeply helpless.

Everyone knows about the Du Hyun-soo incident. When Du Haixiu saw the news, he took the initiative to find her first love, Jin Maozhen, and accepted him for a solo interview. Even after many years, Jin Maozhen still loves Du Haixiu. However, when he took the place home with excitement and thought about how to please Du Haixiu, he heard something shocking.

In front of Jin Maozhen, Du Haixiu personally confessed the crimes she committed, claiming that she was the murderer of the lichang, crying and begging him to let her brother go. This kind of truth made it difficult for Jin Maozhen to accept for a while, and he could not recover until Du Haixiu left.

At the same time, Cha Ji-won found out through investigations that Du Hyun-soo was born with an anti-social personality and could not empathize with anything. His most abnormal thing was that when anyone tried to touch the tape recorder, it would cause trouble. Hyun Soo went crazy. It is as if the same person is immersed in the best moment, but suddenly interrupted by the kind of mania.

Cha Zhiyuan deliberately sought help from Baek Hee-sung, and wanted him to help investigate Do Hyun-soo on the grounds of being promoted, and deliberately showed the old things he got from Nam Soon Gil’s wife, including tape recorders. Cha Zhiyuan had also heard it before, but the rhythmic hum in the tape recorder, like coaxing a child to sleep, was strange and unpredictable.

In order to further test Baek Hee-sung, Cha Zhi-won secretly brought a gun and tape recorder to the old residence of Tominseok with her husband. The place was deserted. At first, Bai Xixing could remain calm, but when he followed Cha Zhiyuan to the basement, a strong smell of blood rushed into his face. Even in the past many years, it has not disappeared, and it has been in the nose of Bai Xixing. .

Cha Zhiyuan deliberately turned on the tape recorder. Watching Bai Xixing’s expression gradually distorted, she seemed to be unable to control herself. She also stretched her hand to her waist, where the police gun was placed. Cha Ji-won wants to test Bai Hee-sung, when she touches Du Hyun-soo’s taboo, will her beloved husband behave like others and hurt herself madly.

When Bai Xixing’s hand gradually pinched Cha Zhiyuan’s neck, in the end, his forbearance made it difficult for him to breathe, and even suffocated to death. Cha Zhiyuan was still soft-hearted after Bai Xixing wanted to leave, but when she returned to the car, she still couldn’t let go of the resentment of being cheated by her lover for 14 years.

Cha Ji-won also made an appointment with the shop owner Du Hyun-soo once worked, but because of Bai Xixing’s difficulty in maintaining, she had to break the appointment. What is strange is that the shop owner clearly said that it would take five minutes to reach the destination, but the owner showed up in another place and claimed that the place where Cha Zhiyuan asked him to meet was at the funeral site of Nam Soon Gil.

In the middle of the night, Bai Xixing waited for Cha Zhiyuan to fall asleep, got up quietly, came to Jin Maozhen’s home, returned the handle that threatened him before, and made a sincere apology, just hoping to get help from the other party.

Bai Xixing didn’t know it. After he left, Cha Zhiyuan, who had never fallen asleep, opened his eyes and monitored where he was with a computer. It turned out that the new watch Cha Zhiyuan gave to Bai Xixing was equipped with a tracking function that could detect the location of the other party in real time.

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