Flower of Evil Episode 8

In the autumn of 2005, Du Hyun-soo had been under house arrest for a long time at home by Bai Manyou and his wife. What is incomprehensible is that the person who was hit was obviously him, but the person who remained unconscious was the perpetrator.

Flower of Evil Episode 8

Bai Manyou is about to be promoted, and any scandal is unbearable for him. Compared to his already-vegetative son, he can hardly bear the double blow of ruining his future. Bai Manyou can only keep Do Hyun-soo disguised as Bai Xixing to keep everything as it was.

Do Hyun-soo dyed his hair the same color as Bai Xixing, went to the ID card processing office, and successfully deceived the staff with his excellent psychological quality, obtained a valid certificate, and officially became Bai Xixing.

Looking back in time, Jin Maozhen couldn’t imagine that Bai Xixing would ask for his help so confidently, but the benefits offered by the other party did not give him a reason to refuse. Bai Xixing asked to meet Du Haixiu. He was convinced that the person who gave the wooden sign to Du Haixiu was an accomplice. Once the truth is revealed, the first person to report the truth is Jin Maozhen. At that time, as a reporter, he will truly become famous. .

When Bai Xixing returned home, the originally happy couple tentatively deceived each other in disguise. All the good things became fragmented in this battle without gunpowder. When Cha Zhiyuan faced Bai Xixing’s sleep on request, some things had changed. Never go back to the past.

The cabbage theft case caused Cha Zhiyuan to meet Jin Minshuo again. Since his father was arrested, he ran away from home and became a bad boy, and regretted why he didn’t pretend to be stupid. This made Cha Zhiyuan also start to waver, perhaps as an unknowing fool to keep happiness, but she can’t help but question the true and false of happiness.

Bai Enxia was entrusted to Kong Meici, who had not lived like a person for a long time, finally found a trace of family warmth. However, Bai Manyou’s return had torn everything to pieces. In the words, the current misery of Bai Xixing was caused by Kong Meici. And they didn’t know that Bai Xixing, who had been asleep for a long time, showed signs of waking up soon.

Jin Maozhen helped his long-lost siblings meet again in the abandoned factory, and the truth finally came to light. Once, Du Haixiu, in order to beg the prince who adopted them, to stop violent against her younger brother, she was violated by the other side. Bai Xixing, who arrived in time, took everything to himself. This case also made him an accomplice of Du Minxi, allowing the real prisoner to escape the law for many years.

Du Haixiu is very happy to be Bai Xixing’s younger brother and can have his own family. She was even more shocked by the status of his younger brother and sister as a police officer. When she asked Bai Xixing if she loved Cha Jiwon, she couldn’t empathize and didn’t understand emotions. It has never been.

Cha Zhiyuan had already followed this through the watch tracker, eavesdropping, and she learned that Bai Xixing was not an accomplice of Du Min Suk. However, Bai Xixing’s words that he had never loved were like thin needles inserted into Cha Zhi’s heart, making her miserable. Only her daughter’s love can bring a little comfort.

Cha Ji-won burns all the items that once belonged to Do Hyun-soo. This is the only way she can perfect her lover, so that Do Hyun-soo will live as Baek Hee-soo forever. Cha Zhiyuan was ready to break up and brought the real accomplice to justice, and she left forever. The wedding ring she took off was determination.

The three of Bai Xixing also started investigating the accomplices. They and the police all found the victims in common. Those people were all run away from home, and no one was involved after death, with the exception of Zheng Meishu.

In addition, Do Hae-soo once saw a man crying extremely sad at Du Min-seok’s funeral. He also gave her the small fish wooden sign and told her that this thing can bless the peace. It was this man who deliberately lamented Do Hyun-soo. Perhaps it will not be long before he successfully hints that Du Haixiu will give the wooden sign to his younger brother.

The mysterious man once left Du Haixiu’s phone number, but over the years, all the items that were once have been destroyed, and the memory has become blurred and can no longer be remembered. The only evidence is the strange background sound in the recording. Bai Xixing is sure he has been to this place, but he can’t remember where he is.

Cha Ji-won was suddenly alert under Choi Jae-chang’s reasoning that if he were to conspire to commit a crime, he would have to complete the key transfer meeting. Then Bai Xixing, who has been with Du Min-seok, must have seen an accomplice, but Bai Xixing never mentioned it. This is also one of the reasons Cui Zaibian insists that he is an accomplice.

Cha Zhiyuan knows that the accomplice is not Bai Xixing, and he has seen an accomplice, which will be the biggest breakthrough point. According to the watch’s positioning, Cha Zhiyuan rang Jin Maozhen’s home. In the other’s surprised expression, step by step, she pierced the other party’s lie that Bai Xixing was also here.

At the same time, Bai Manyou heard that Kong Meici had been in her son’s ward for a long time. Recalling the previous quarrel, she had expressed her attitude of letting her son die easily and couldn’t wait to rush home. Even though Bai Manyou arrived in time, he couldn’t get rid of Kong Mei’s obstruction. He could only watch the heart monitor lose its beating.

Strangely enough, when the real Baek Hee Sung loses oxygen, Du Hyun Soo, who pretends to be his identity, suddenly feels breathless inexplicably, and his heart feels suffocated. It was only when he suddenly improved that he returned to normal and calmly came to Cha Ji Won.

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