Love and Destiny Chinese Drama Episode 15 Recap

The beast chases Ling Xi, and Jiu Chen makes it small. He wants to lock the beast in the demon tower, but Ling Xi thinks it didn’t intend to do so. Ling Xi points out that the beast’s gaze is very clean. Jiu Chen thinks Ling Xi cannot raise the beast Bai Ze because she cannot control him when he grows up.

Love and Destiny Chinese Drama Episode 15 Recap

But Ling Xi thinks Bai Ze is like Xiao Bai. Jiu Chen walks away, and Ling Xi promises to control Bai Ze. When Jiu Chen and Ling Xi are talking about Youdu mountain war, Bai Ze flees.

The man reports to Ling Yue that Jiu Chen visits Shanling realm. Ms. Shi offers to visit Jiu Chen, and Ling Yue mentions to Jiu Chen that Yun Feng informed her about Zhong Hao. She wants to give fire pill to him for expressing her apology about the soldiers offended him.

Ling Yue asks about Ling Xi’s age, and Ling Xi says that she is fifty thousand years old. Ling Yue asks Jiu Chen if he has an official trip there, and he reveals he just went down the lower realm to stroll around. She says that the Shanling realm’s scenery is beautiful and gorgeous.

Ms. Shi asks Ling Xi what tribe she comes from, and Ling Xi reveals she is a Dan bird. So Ms. Shi asks Ling Xi who she grew up with, and Ling Xi replies that she grew up with her father. Ms. Shi comforts Ling Yue that she will meet her daughter one day.

Chi Bi reports to Jing Xiu that Ling Yue will throw a banquet for Jiu Zhen, and Jing Xiu asks Bao Qing to dress up for the banquet. But she rejects it. Bao Qing wants to wear her new skirt for Jing Xiu, so she leaves. Chi Bi tells Jing Xiu that Ling Yue invited the little immortal.

Ling Xi gives the name Wu Wan to Bai Ze because he eats 5 bowls rice each meal. But Wu Wan dislikes his new name. Jiu Chen asks Ling Xi to follow him without leaving, but Ling Xi wants to walk around after the banquet.

During the banquet, Wu Wan flees and Ling Xi wants to look for him. But Jiu Chen rejects it. Bao Qing asks her men to catch Wu Wan because he bit her. Ling Xi helps Wu Wan flee, but Bao Qing spots Ling Xi.

Ling Xi flees to Jing Xiu’s room, but she is tied up by the branches. She asks him to release her, and he asks her who she is. Bao Qing looks for Ling Xi, and the maid reminds Bao Qing that Ling Xi went to Jing Xiu’s room. Bao Qing asks Jin Xiu if he’s asleep.

Jin Xiu goes to welcome Bao Qing, and Ling Xi catches the chance to get rid of the branches. She finds the immortal knot on the desk. Bao Qing asks Jing Xiu if he saw Jiu Chen’s immortal maid, and he denies.

Ling Xi spots Wu Wan and hugs him. Jiu Chen makes the two cloak when the guards look for them. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi that he will take her to a place tomorrow. Ling Xi punishes Wu Wan for sleeping outside.

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