The Untamed Chinese Drama Episode 44 Review

My review is based on the untamed Chinese drama episode 44. Wu Xian is surprised to see Mian Mian, and her husband wonders why he called his daughter’s name. Wu Xian knows that Mian Mian gave her name to her daughter. Mian Mian introduces her husband to Lan Zhen and Wu Xian, and she shares that he was a businessman and he would hunt with her. Little Mian Mian brags that they will go to visit Yiling Ancestor.

Wu Xian threatens Little Mian that Yiling Ancestor would eat kid, and thinks Little Mian is like Mian Mian when she is a child. Mian Mian doesn’t believe that Wu Xian remembered her looks when she was a kid. Wu Xian takes money from Lan Zhan and gives it to Little Mian. But Little Mian only thanks Lan Zhan. Mian Mian shares that she heard there is a puppet, but she found nothing.

Wu Xian and Lan Zhen leave when they hear the sound. The husband asks Mian Mian why she didn’t mention Wu Xian since he saved her life. She says that Wu Xian is a good person. Wu Xian and Lan Zhan are surprised to see Wen Ning, and Wu Xian thinks Wen Ning’s yelling is scared. He takes away the grass and mud from him, and Wen Ning reveals he has followed him.

The Untamed

Wu Xian notes that Wen Ning is hurt, and Lan Zhan recognizes that it’s blood. Wen Ning explains that he kept fighting with the puppet. Wu Xian learns that Wen Ning killed the puppet before Wu Xian, and wonders how Wen Ning went behind them. He mentions he told him to get a place to hide, but Wen Ning says that he doesn’t have the place. Wu Xian asks Wen Ning to join them.

The three arrive at the village, and Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he remembers that they ran into each other there. Lan Zhan remembers it, and Wu Xian thinks Wen Yuan will be 13 year old if he is alive. Wu Xian notes that the wall got turned over, and thinks someone walked into the mountain. Lan Zhan reveals the place was ruined, and Wu Xian says that the place is the hard time for him, Wen Qing and Wen Ning.

Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to leave, but Wen Ning wants to see if there is any stuff leaving. The puppets attack them, and Wen Ning and Lan Zhan defeat the puppets. Lan Zhan gives the sword confession to Wu Xian, and Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan to protect him as he is weak. Wen Ning takes Wu Xian’s sword and walks to the students, and they’re scared and call him ghost general. But Wen Ning cuts off the ropes for them.

The Untamed

Wu Xian thinks Wen Ning is more scary than him, and Si Zhui asks Wu Xian if he hired the men to catch them. Wu Xian says that he is very poor, and asks how many enemies they were. The student shares that they wore the ghost mask and threw them there. Wu Xian tells them to leave, but the student reminds them that there are many puppets outside. Wen Ning takes Wu Xian’s sword to deal with the puppets.

But Lan Zhan and other chiefs take their men arriving. Qi Ren asks Lan Zhan to join them, but Lan Zhan rejects it. The woman blames Lan Zhan for standing to their opposition side. The man blames Wu Xian for catching the students, but Wu Xian thinks he saved them. He wonders why Lian Fang and Ze Wu didn’t come, and Su Zhe thinks Wu Xian knew that Lian Fang got attacked. Wu Xian wonders why Nie family didn’t come, and Huai Sang shows up and claims that he just came to make up the number.

Wei Chun blames Wu Xian for disabling his leg in No Night Sky, and Meng Cheng never forgets that Wu Xian killed his parents. The man thinks Wu Xian killed 3,000 people in No Night Sky, but Wu Xian doesn’t want to be added the sin he didn’t do. He says that he didn’t kill Chifeng Zun and force Ms. Jin to take her life. He says that he didn’t control the puppets, and Su Zhen cannot imagine there is another person, who can do that.

The Untamed

Wu Xian shares that anyone can do it with evil tiger symbol. Su Zhe thinks evil tiger symbol is Wu Xian’s item, and Wu Xian reveals some family concealed Wen Ning when they fear him. He mentions someone said that he ruined Wen Ning. Qi Ren reminds people that the new puppets come, and they fight with the puppets. But they find out that their spirit power are lost.

Si Zhui reminds then that there is a magic site inside the palace, and thinks it can fix them. But Su Zhe thinks it’s a trap. Wu Xian points out that Wu Zhe wants them to die with him. Huai Sang tells people he will go if they don’t go, and they follow him. Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to close the gate so that the puppets won’t come in. Qi Ren points at Wu Xian with his sword, and asks him what he wants to do.

Wu Xian says that he just wants to have a talk, and thinks they want to know why they’re poisoned. Wu Xian points out that Su Zhe played the music to make people lose their spirit power, and mentions there is a book about it in the cell of Lan family. Su Zhe says that he cannot get in the cell, but Wu Xuan thinks Su Zhe’s master can get into the cell.

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