Flower of Evil Episode 10

Jin Maozhen entered Du Haixiu’s house with joy. There was no trace of life in the room. Du Haixiu, who didn’t know the light was broken, made him feel very distressed. Jin Maozhen left and returned, installed a lamp in this home, and lit a lamp in Du Haixiu’s heart.

Flower of Evil Episode 10

Du Haixiu made her younger brother always be regarded as a murderer, and now he is even about to lose his wife he cares about the most. Du Haixiu, who is stuck in self-blame every day, is more determined to confess everything. It’s just that Du Haixiu still has a wish. She promised Cha Zhiyuan on the phone that she would confide the truth when the time comes.

After Cha Zhiyuan received a call from Du Haixiu in the park, she watched Bai Xixing rushing towards her. She was more convinced and regretted the cruel words she had said before. Cha Zhiyuan’s only hope now is that Bai Xixing can feel what she feels, and when everything is over, she will find a quiet place undisturbed to spend her life.

Bai Xixing clearly remembered that when Cha Zhiyuan first became a police officer, she had a happy expression on her face. Now she thought of resigning. When thinking about recent events, Bai Xixing felt strange but didn’t think deeply.

Earlier, Bai Xixing looked at the computer that Lian Shangzhe placed in front of him, selected the child in the cargo, and asked for 100 million yuan to obtain photos and information of the accomplice at the same time. For Lian Shangzhe, nothing is more important than money. He readily agreed that the transaction was also expected by Bai Xixing.

Bai Xixing originally wanted to get this money from Bai Manyou, but the real Bai Xixing woke up and prayed to his father, wanting to exchange his misery for Bai Xixing’s pitiful life, and to return to his own life. At the same time, Bai Manyou heard that Bai Xixing had a way to find Du Minseok’s accomplice, and his eyes revealed what the sudden surprise foreshadowed.

Since the real Bai Xixing woke up, in addition to wanting to regain his life, he was also very painful in regret and regret. He was anxious to meet a woman on the day of the car accident. If there were no accidents that day, he would be able to change the fate of everyone, but nothing happened.

Bai Xixing deployed everything, called the police station with a voice changer, revealed to the police the details of the transaction with Lian Shangzhe as Du Xianxiu, and assisted the police in catching the accomplices. The only requirement is to return his innocence and not be exposed .

Cha Zhiyuan knew who the caller was. Afterwards, she couldn’t wait to see Bai Xixing and watch her husband appear safely in front of her. Bai Xixing is about to take risks, but Cha Zhiyuan can only hold back her grief and worry, and acquiesce in his thoughts.

After the police received the report and confirmed that the information was true, Cui Jae-bian deployed how to arrest Du Hyun-soo after arresting Lian Shangzhe. Cha Zhiyuan can’t express his thoughts even if he doesn’t want to. Although Lin Haojun disdains such perfidy actions, it is true that from the standpoint of the police, Cui Jaebian is not wrong.

Du Haixiu hypnotized alone and wanted to see the appearance of the accomplice. She could see that the other party’s nails were abnormally short and the arms were wearing strange soft rubber rings, but when she looked at the man’s face, she found the other party. He was staring at his face, he was remembering the face in front of him, which made Du Haixiu feel deeply terrified.

In order to find the accomplice, Du Haixiu actually found the exact same style on the Internet according to the green tape bracelet she saw in hypnosis. It was a medical item, and the person who owned it turned out to be Bai Manyou.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Cha Zhiyuan dialed Du Hyun-soo’s phone and asked about the tape recorder. What she got was the truth that it contained her mother’s voice. The reason why Do Hyun-soo cherishes the tape recorder is that it is the only thing left by the missing mother. However, due to the negligence of the doctor and the fact that he does not know the truth of the matter, he even considers the tape recorder to be something that will induce Do Hyun-soo to go crazy.

Not only is Bai Xixing lack of empathy, on the contrary, he understands emotions very well, and can even use emotions that everyone does not understand to achieve his own goals. At the same time, Bai Xixing, who hung up, looked at the watch showing ten o’clock. Cha Zhiyuan once said that she would call him at ten o’clock, which also implied that she already knew the truth.

Aunt Fuzi was attacked before, and Jin Maozhen was knocked out after entering the room. The recording pen that was originally intended to secretly capture Du Xianxiu’s exclusive information dropped accidentally. Aunt Fuzi gave the recording pen she found accidentally to Cui Zaibian, and after it had been repaired, she successfully retrieved all the previously deleted information.

It was clearly recorded in the recorder that Jin Maozhen deliberately asked how Do Hyun-soo changed his identity to become Baek Hee-soo in order to make a routine. The truth shocked Cui Jae-chang. Thinking back to Cha Zhiyuan’s performance during this period of time, Choi Jae-chang became more convinced that she knew the truth a long time ago, and it was even more disappointing that was hard to express.

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