Flower of Evil Episode 5

In the winter of 2006, Bai Xixing came to Cha Zhiyuan’s supermarket again, and the sudden power failure gave her a reason to stay with him for a while. However, Bai Xixing heard that the indifferent face of the thief in the next door was cut off, making Cha Zhiyuan unable to Go on. The closed door cooled Cha Zhiyuan’s heart, but the silhouette of Bai Xixing stopping at the window ignited her again.

Flower of Evil Episode 5

Snow fell on Bai Xixing, and it became the most beautiful frame in Cha Zhiyuan’s eyes. It was not until the other party left after the lights were turned on that she became more convinced of this intention. Perhaps, even Bai Xixing himself hadn’t noticed that he had become more and more concerned about Cha Zhiyuan before he knew it.

In the spring of 2008, on a silent night, Cha Zhiyuan once again confessed to Bai Xixing that she seemed to have nothing to fear, and she didn’t understand why in everyone’s eyes, Bai Xixing loved her so much, but the man himself didn’t notice.

Time is back to the present again, Cha Zhiyuan can’t recover from the watch for a long time, she yells to chase Do Hyun-soo, why finally became her husband. Faced with Lin Haojun’s question, Cha Zhiyuan’s leaky explanation made her feel more irritable.

At the same time, Bai Xixing saw Park Qingchun’s taxi through the window. After getting in the car, he felt very strange to the name Zheng Meishu, but in Park Qingchun’s eyes he was pretending. It was not until receiving a call from Kim Moo Jin that Baek Hee Sung knew that Jung Mi Sook was the last victim in the hands of Domin Seok.

Park Qingchun took out the photo and threatened her with the child, causing Bai Xixing to become angry. He took the photo and tore it to pieces. Obviously, Park Qingchun has no interest in the photo itself. He smiled and took out the handkerchief, and suddenly covered Bai Xixing’s mouth and nose.

Bai Xixing struggled desperately, and finally broke free, but the coma-causing medicinal properties on the handkerchief had begun to break out. In a trance, he saw a brazier not far away. When his life was threatened, Bai Xixing’s belief was only to take the photo in his hand. Completely destroyed.

Bai Xixing, who had lost the ability to resist, was easily dragged away by Park Qingchun, and the proprietress who saw all this in the hotel immediately called the police. After Cha Zhiyuan arrived, he heard Bai Xixing’s phone ringing on the ground. After confirming with the boss, she had to believe that the victim was her favorite husband.

Cha Ji-won has completely lost her mind. According to the taxi route provided by Choi Jae-Ban, she chased her all the way, until Park Qingchun smashed her windshield, causing the car to stop out of control, and then she remembered that Lin was sitting next to her. Haojun.

When Bai Xixing woke up, he had been tied up with his hands and feet and was thrown into the waterless swimming pool. Park Qingchun kept asking about the place where Zheng Meishu was buried, but he couldn’t get the slightest response from Bai Xixing. It wasn’t until he took out the wooden sign that Bai Xixing’s face changed in shock. Bai Xixing clearly remembered that this was the item Du Haesu gave him and asked him to stay with him at all times, but now, Park Qingchun said it was Zheng Mishu’s item.

Back then, before Jeong Mi-sook disappeared, a witness saw her getting into Domin-seok’s car. Although the witness finally changed her confession, in the eyes of Park Kyung-chun, Domin-seok was the murderer of Jeong Mi-sook, and because of this wooden sign, he would He is so persistent that Bai Xixing is inseparable from the serial murder case.

Bai Xixing didn’t understand why Du Haixiu wanted to induce herself. After the murder case broke out, Du Haixiu has always refused to appear in front of the public as an unknowingly innocent family member. He acted like a promise, and the unbearable family giant became hurt.

Kim Moo-jin happened to encounter police officer Kyung-sik, one of the policemen who investigated the serial murder of Tominseok. In order to obtain important information, Jin Maozhen deliberately intoxicated the other party, and finally got his wish. Knowing the incident of that year, there was an eyewitness. At the same time, the police had to come to the home of Bai Manyou and Kong Meici after Bai Xixing was kidnapped. The old couple paid more attention to the case than the strange behavior of their son, which also attracted the attention of the police.

Choi Jae turned into an experienced policeman and relied on logical reasoning that if Park Qingchun wanted to imprison someone, he would buy a lock. By installing the lock workers, he accurately found the abandoned indoor swimming pool. Cha Ji-won doesn’t care about Choi Jae-chang, who is fighting with Park Qingchun, and wants to save Baek Hee-sung.

In order to create a sense of oppression for Bai Xixing, Park Qingchun deliberately poured water into the swimming pool slowly. After so long, the water had already flooded his head.

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