Flower of Evil Episode 9

On the first day of the move, Bai Xixing deliberately made the home extremely beautiful, and Cha Zhiyuan fell into his gentleness every day. The fetal movement made Bai Xixing feel unimaginable magic. As a person who couldn’t understand his emotions, he also had what he wanted without knowing it.

Flower of Evil Episode 9

Time back to the present, the arrival of Cha Zhiyuan made the atmosphere of the three people weird. Du Haixiu even impulsively wanted to confess the fact that she had killed Li Chang, but was eventually prevented by Bai Xixing deliberately overturning the coffee.

In the secret room of the Bai family, the real Bai Xixing miraculously survived. His memory stayed on the day of the car accident, and he asked Bai Manyou why he hadn’t answered his phone. Even not long after, he suddenly remembered that the reason why the fast car crashed into someone that day was because there was an important person who had to meet, and what kind of secrets there was in it.

After analyzing the recording, in addition to some kind of irregular percussion, there is another man’s voice. Cha Zhiyuan deliberately revealed his voice to Bai Xixing. Although it was not real, it was enough to remind him that this was the sound of a barman hitting an ice cube in the bar, and a man with a tightly wrapped package was passing by him and the city. When Xi was around, he accidentally dropped his belongings and took the opportunity to hand over the car keys to Du Min Xi.

Tonight was a family gathering of three, but only the immature Bai Enxia was really happy. As long as Cha Zhiyuan thinks about that day, and hears Bai Xixing saying that she doesn’t love her, she can’t be the same as before. The only thing she can do is to smile.

Bai Xixing is best at grasping the differences in emotions from the expressions of others, and after too much questioning, finally Cha Zhiyuan can no longer hide the changes and grievances in his heart. Cha Zhiyuan simply expresses his dislike for Bai Xixing with a period of boredom, and then sleeps in separate rooms.

Bai Xixing can only understand the boredom period from the literal meaning, and Cha Zhiyuan’s idea of ??wanting to separate, also made him feel helpless for the first time sincerely. The only way Bai Xixing can think of to make Cha Zhiyuan happy is to find an accomplice. For this reason, he once again came to the bar that year alone.

When the bar clerk took out the pen that belonged to Tomin Seok, everything was exposed. After Bai Xixing easily subdued him, he came to an employment agency. The boss of the agency, Lian Shangzhe, is not an accomplice, but obviously, he is the person who provided materials for the accomplices, and the so-called materials are people.

At the same time, Cha Zhiyuan deliberately pretended to run away from home in order to lure the snake out of the cave. He tried the phone calls that Zheng Meishu had made that year, and finally found Huang Jingshun, one of Lian Shangzhe’s offline, and successfully lured him to the hotel for arrest.

In order to escape arrest, Huang Jingshun jumped the window to escape with his hands handcuffed, causing him to fall from a tall building. He did not know his life or death. Cha Zhiyuan failed to completely restrict Huang Jingshun’s actions. This was a serious mistake. The recent changes made her no longer the same as before. At this time, the fragile Cha Zhiyuan looked at Bai Xixing’s message on the phone and couldn’t help thinking. See the one you love the first time.

At the same time, Bai Xixing was held by the hands of Lian Shangzhe’s men. Just when the drug was about to be infused, he made Lian Shangzhe give up the idea of ??surrendering him to an accomplice on the grounds that he would become a long-term customer.

Cha Zhiyuan’s phone call allowed Bai Xixing to temporarily regain his freedom of hands, but his indifferent and abnormal words suddenly surprised Cha Zhiyuan. Cha Zhiyuan suddenly thought that on the first day of the move, Bai Xixing had said that he wanted only the same life and the trust of Cha Zhiyuan.

Cha Zhiyuan did not miss the possibility of catching Bai Xixing may be in danger at the moment because of his recent emotions. She tried every word, and after getting the result that the other party did not need help, she only hoped to see the safe and sound Bai Xixing in an hour.

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